Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What does this tell you?

Well, I know I have been remiss in my attention to my Blotanical friends, but we are nearing the end of our remodeling job. I am spackling a few nail holes, and have a few nails to set, then finish our painting, clean up the floor, an we can call this done! I am so happy, it is really nice.

So, I have not had time to pick and post, and message many people, and I miss that.

But I got this in an email this morning, and I thought it would be a great way to get to know people. I love to read these things, because they don't say the expected things. If you would like, please copy, and post on your blog, then let us know you have posted your answers.

These are MY answers. I am sure they will differ from a lot of people, but will coincide with many too.

38 ODD Things about you! Cut and paste into your blog and FILL IT OUT! Then publish it for all the world to get to know you!

1. Do you like bleu cheese? Yes

2. Have you ever been bitten by a dog? No.

3. Do you own a Gun? Yes, lots!

4. Favorite Kool Aid: green

5. Do you get nervous before a doctor appointment? Sometimes

6. What do you think of hot dogs? Not for me.

7. Do you give money or other things to panhandlers? Seldom

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Coffee, cold water

9. Can you do push ups? yes, in much the same way as a walrus does push ups.

10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? watch

11. What is your favorite hobby? Gardening, quilting

12. Do you have A. D. D.? No...what?

13. Do you wear glasses/contacts? yes

14. Middle name: Lee

15. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment: don't want to go to WW tonight, need to spackle more holes in wall, need to buy dog food.

16. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink? water, coffee, tea

17. Current worry: need to get this house finished.

18. Current hate right now: ???
. Favorite place to be? in my stained glass shop

20. How did you bring in the New Year? stayed home

21. Where would you like to go? Vegas

22. Name people who will complete this: Corky, Peggy

23. Do you own slippers? Yes, floor mops

24. What color shirt are you wearing? RED.

25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? No, I like high thread cotton, or linen.

26. Can you whistle? Yes, .

27. Where are you now? Home

28. Would you be a pirate? No, I hate the water.

29. What do you sing in the shower? nothing

30. What is your favorite girl's name? Sheila

31. Favorite boy's name? John, or Michael, or Brian, or David, or Steven, or.....

32. What's in your pocket right now? some money, a little

33. Thing that made you laugh today? e-mails

34. What vehicle do you drive? Suburban

35. Worst injury you've ever had? hurt feelings

36. Do you love where you Live? not really, except I do love TEXAS!

37. How many TV's do you have in your house? five

38. Do you have any tattoos? No, and I never will!

I can't wait to see your answers!


janie said...

LeSan left this message, which I sort of lost when I was doing a little editing. I don't know how I did it......

Janie you lunatic! LOL I love your list. I love that you are laying floors and spackling walls two minutes before Christmas and that you consider that a great present. So…when you say you don’t exactly love where you live, where would you like to live? Of course that would make it 39 and I suppose it would mess the count up. Just curious.

I am wishing you and all your day laborers the very best holiday possible—under the circumstances. Not much of a wish huh?
Go! Be Merry and Joyful. Get sloshed on eggnog and hot toddies, make your neighbors start a petition to get you some psychiatric help. Have some fun!

December 22, 2009 6:55 PM

janie said...

I live in a very small community, not incorporated, but we do have 'city water', and natural gas piped into the house. So, we are not really 'Country', just a long way from town.

I want land around me. We have a farm in Central Texas and some land close to Del Rio, Texas, and there is 62 acres in the wilderness of Fayette County, Texas. But, at each of those places, there is no way for us to make a living. Well, the place in the wilderness, we lived there for a year, worked an average of 16 hours a day. One morning, we had a terrible disagreement, and I was sitting on the patio, thinking that if I put him in that lake (a 4 acre lake on the place) nobody would ever find him. I immediately thought that if I was thinking this, probably HE was thinking it also. No, we can't live there.....

I would be happy with a couple of acres. We have tried to buy the 2 lots next door, and the 4 lots behind us, but those people won't sell. I don't need a fancy house, just room to garden and run around without my neighbors seeing me, or me them. It must be in Texas, tho. I said when I came home the last time that I would never live anywhere but Texas again.

We are almost done. I am hanging wooden blinds in the morning. Going shopping for Grand kids tomorrow afternoon, and having dinner in town tomorrow night. I am so happy to be this close to done! I have eggnog, and Kahlua to go in it. Sounds good to me. OH, Wait! I am a tee-totaler. Bummer.

We are going to have a little party next week. Our first in a long time!

My neighbors better get some help for themselves, first. I have strange neighbors. LOL

December 22, 2009 7:55 PM

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I bet you'll be glad to be done! We are saving our remodling for the day after Christmas. My husband wants to tear apart the bathroom the morning after Christmas :(
I loved reading your answers, we have the same middle name spelled the same way!
I hope you and your family have a great Christmas and that all your spackling gets finished by the elves :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Janie~~ Thought I'd give it a go. Sounds like you've been one busy gal. I hope your Christmas is fabulous.

leavesnbloom said...

Janie you are certainly one busy lady - I hope you get everything finished in time that you can sit down on Christmas Day and relax. Have a lovely dinner in town tonight and a Happy Christmas :)

LeSan said...

I thought I was seeing double and when I went to check it out I laughed so hard I nearly choked on my popcorn.

Him thinking the same thing? Too Funny!

Esther Montgomery said...

Dear Janie

You left such an interesting comment on my post


that I couldn't fit an adequate reply in the comment box - so I've turned it into a new post instead.


It's a bit of a rushed job but if I delay any longer, I won't get round to it until after Christmas.

Hope it's alright. I was so pleased and interested to read what you said, I felt it deserved a proper response.

Tell me if there's anything you would want changed.

Best wishes for a very Happy Christmas and an absolutely wonderful and interesting and creative 2010.


Lona said...

I have been laughing myself silly over this latest meme. You, Grace and Teza have really made my day.
Glad to hear you are about done with the house.
Merry Christmas Janie to you and yours.

Noelle Johnson said...

Hi Janie,

I always knew you were an interesting person;-) I always stay home on New Year's Eve...not sure why. I'm glad your project is nearing an end. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

Autumn Belle said...

Janie, thank you very much for bringing sunshine to my life. I'd like to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Wendy said...

omg, I've never laughed so hard (number 9 - your seal push ups!).

This is fun! Looks like a good x-mas afternoon activity for me!

Thomas said...

Merry Christmas Janie! I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Hi Janie! Thank you for your message. No, I didn't know. Wow, how interesting! I'd love to see some of your ornaments that you got from your mother. Maybe, next December? I use 2 cameras. Old one is Kodak EasyShare 21275. New one was given me by my DH. It's Olympus SP 565 UZ. It's not bad, but my macros aren't as good as I want them to be. Honestly, I misplaced its manual and never studied it. This camera has 5 stars raiting on many sites, good reviews(DH always performs a research before buying a thing). Good quality for a reasonable price. Oh, yes, it survived a night under the rain! I can't say this is the best camera since I haven't had many.
I am not good in teaching my boys Russian. They know some words, but they say them only if I ask. I feel bad about it, especially when they start to speak Spanish better than Russian. Again, thanks for your warm message. Enjoy this Holiday Season. Warm hugs.

Maria Berg said...

I have not been around blotanical for a while but thank you for stopping by my blog.

Once again, it's Christmas -
that delightful time of year
When hearts are filled with gratitude
and homes are bright with cheer.

When everyone's remembering
good friends and loved ones too -
So naturally, the warmest thoughts
and wishes go to you.

May your home be filled
with happiness,
your hearts with love,
your days with joy -
at Christmas and always.

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful holiday,
With love,
Merry Christamas and a Happy new Year,
MB, Maria Berg - Sweden

Ps. Interesting g to read your answered I maybe get time over doing it my self.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that interesting. I have the same middle name, same spelling. I thought it was the male spelling. The oldest child in each generation in my family has it from my son back to my great-grandfather, at least. Maybe more.

日月神教-向左使 said...