Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Our Merry Master Gardeners.....

Our Marvelous Master Gardeners have been busy, busy again. Or still, maybe.....
We are still working on the Native Plant/Rain Garden. Rocks came into play on this workday, and we finally got most of our 'river' rocks moved.
This is one of our brand new Master Gardeners, Jackie. The brand new ones were certified last December, after a year of volunteering 50 community service hours. All our Master Gardeners are hard workers. Jackie is especially hard working. It is just her nature.
And Peggy. My friend, my advisor, Ex Officio, and all that. She usually hides when I have the camera clicking. The other lady is Louise. She is not shy at all.
This is one of our little arbors that mark the entrances to this little garden. Very simple, but fitting for a garden dedicated as a teaching tool, I think. Our space is too small to allow for a large arbor. We will have vines growing on them, as well as the fence.
How many Master Gardeners does it take to lay a flagstone pathway? Two to lay the stones level, one to carry additional stones, and as many as you can get to watch the procedure. LOL

It does seem like there are a lot of people standing around, but really, everybody has a job. Cheerleading is my job.
The lady in the hat is Linda, another of our Brand New Master Gardeners, as is Cathy, the lady in the pink shirt.
One of these people laying flagstone is my husband, Bobby. I don't know what we would do without Bobby. He is a treasure.

We teased Cathy, the lady in the pink top about wearing her flip-flops to work in the garden, but she had really showed up for an art workshop for our plant sale. THAT was not until the following Saturday. She was a bit early, but she stayed to help anyway.
We have the other end of the walkway to lay, the bridge to install, tweaking the 'river', and the planting to do yet. We are getting close to being finished. We are trying to find plants that can be donated before we buy plants. The more that we get free, the more money we have to purchase nice plants and nice big rocks. People are happy to donate plants too.
Saturday is our next work day.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another impressive tree.....

Does anyone know what kind of tree this one is?

This is a bottle brush! It is in Edna, Texas, and is just starting to bloom. In a week or so, it is going to be almost solid red! If you look close, you can see red blooms on it now.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

A tree grows in Jackson County.....

and it is just amazing!

I don't know if this tree would be a record or not. They have such a formula for determining what is a record or a 'Champion' tree, but I bet it would be in the books somewhere. The biggest problem with it being a designated 'Something' Live Oak, is that it is on private land, and not accessible to the general public.

This tree belongs to a very nice man named Callaway. I had talked to him a few months ago about looking at the tree, but for some reason, we just never did meet.

Last week, I called him again to ask if we could look at the tree. He happily agreed that we could see it, and we made arrangements to meet him on Thursday morning. This time, we did meet.

This is the Oak Tree.
If you look closely, you can see Callaway walking over by the fallen limb, to the middle right of the picture.
From this angle, you can see where the limb broke from the trunk. That limb is 3' in diameter. It is just huge. We don't know why it broke; no insect damage, disease, no seems that it just got tired of hanging off the trunk, and it let go.
Again, this is Callaway walking around the tree. Callaway is not a small man, about 6' tall.

This is our County Extension Agent with Callaway. He took a cazillion pictures too. I resisted having my picture taken under this tree.
There are several other noteworthy trees on this parcel of land. I took pictures of them also, and will post them in the future.
This tree is 50' tall, the trunk is over 25' around. I don't know what the shade would measure, but I would like to measure that one day.
I didn't know until I got to looking into big Oak trees that the Live Oak is the State tree of Georgia! There is so much that I need to learn!
I don't know how to explain what a pleasure it was to visit this site. This tree has such stature and grandure, you just know it is God's work. Why he chose to give this tree a lifespan of 800-1000 years we will never know, but I am glad he did.