Saturday, February 26, 2011

"No, wait!" I said, "don't till there, I think ...."

Too late. He had already tilled up the asparagus bed. The lovely, tender shoots were gone. Of course, he had to weed eat the bed first. THEN he tilled it up!

It looks great, tho. All fluffy soil....

I am going tomorrow afternoon to do some trading with a friend. She has some different varieties of tomato plants, and I am going to trade some of mine for some of hers.

Planted seeds of spinach and mustard today.

It was supposed to rain every day this past week. We have not seen a drop of rain yet.

A good thing, we hauled a whole truckload of weeds to the dump this afternoon.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Planting, planting, planting!

I am planting! Vegetables, flowers, shrubs!

Mostly veggies right now, with a few flower seeds, and I have relocated some shrubs that have looked bad for awhile. Actually, EVERYTHING has looked bad for a long while! I cannot stand it any longer.

We have cabbages and cauliflower, and broccoli, peas, and onions. That is all the winter stuff that I will eat, and I have decided that I don't have enough time to take care of things we won't eat.

In a couple of weeks, I will set tomatoes in the ground, with lettuces, and beans. In about 3 weeks I will plant squash, cucumbers and zuchinni. In a month, or 6 weeks, I will plant peppers and okra. That is all I am going to grow. I love to eat all of that stuff.

AND...zinnias! I am going to put zinnia seeds in at mid-March. They are my favorites!

I am still doing 'pottree', as the guy from Louisianna says. He is a fabulous potter, so he can say it any way he wants to say it.

I took a 4 day workshop back in January, and had a ball. Learned to throw BIG pots, in 3 pieces, sculpted the ugliest lady you ever saw, and learned Raku! from the 'Pottree' guy. And I learned that I love handbuildings! I am having a great time.

It felt so good to have my hands in the dirt again.