Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Did y'all hear me? It's been raining at my house since some time last night. Not hard, just that wonderful, soft, slow drizzle that seeps into the ground and refreshes and refurbishes every plant around.


That Hurricane Dolly is the reason. She is quite a way off from us, but the bands will hit us good with rain. Most likely, we will not have the damaging winds, or the storm surge to contend with, and I don't expect any damage, unless from a tornado that might be spawned by the hurricane. I don't really expect that either, but it could happen.

I am thankful for the rain, and I pray that those in the path of the storm are safe.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Do this puzzle!

Anybody like puzzles?

I found this one educational.

I had no idea, for instance, just where Rose at Quilted Hills is in Nebraska. I had the idea in my poor overtaxed brain that she was much farther North, like in the Tundra maybe.

She is almost a Southern girl, compared to what I envisioned.

My best score is 98%, one mile difference.

I want 100%, no miles!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Gardening according to the Old Farmer's Almanac

Does anybody pay any attention to the Farmer's almanac anymore?

I remember my Granny and PawPaw did. They bought a 'fresh' copy each year, and would consult about all kinds of things in that little book. When to pull a tooth, when to cut hair, stop bad habits, but mostly, when to put seed into the ground.

This is the chart for July.

July 2008
1-2 Poor days for planting, seeds tend to rot in ground.
3-5 Most favorable for corn, okra, beans, peppers, eggplant and other aboveground crops. Plant seed beds and flower gardens.
6-10 A most barren period. Kill plant pests and do general farm work.
11-12 Favorable for planting peas, beans, and tomatoes and other fall crops bearing aboveground. Sow grains and forage crops. Plant flowers.
13-14 Extra good for fall cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower, mustard greens and other leafy vegetables. Good for any above ground crop that can be planted now. Start seedbeds.
15-17 Seeds planted now will do poorly and yield little.
18-19 Good days for planting beets carrots, Irish potatoes and other root crops.
20-21 Good days for killing weeds, briar's and other plant pests, poor for planting.
22-23 Good days for planting beets, carrots, radishes, salsify, turnips, peanuts and other root crops. Also good for planting melons, cucumbers, pumpkins and other vine crops. Set strawberry plants.
24-25 A barren period.26-27 Root crops that can be planted now will yield well.
28-29 Poor days for planting, seeds tend to rot in ground.
30-31 Most fruitful days for planting root crops. Excellent for sowing seed beds and flower gardens.

I was about to plant a whole bunch of seeds this week, but this stopped me in my tracks. It just seems wrong to tempt failure.

I know, I know....but still.