Wednesday, May 6, 2009

An abunance of roses....

Cooper Nursery in Marshall, Texas has this large rose bed at the entrance to the nursery. All the roses are Austin roses, and just gorgeous! I was surprised at the lack of fragrance. I thought Austin roses were very fragrant.Anyway, the roses are in full bloom!

There were roses of all colors in this bed. I seem to have gotten basically the same color in these pics, but I know there are others. I got in a hurry to get these posted. lol

This last picture was just amazing! All these buds, can you imagine what this is going to look like when it blooms?!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pictures I have promised...

I wanted to show some pictures from our trip, especially this one! These are actually the same tree.

This is a different tree, on the other side of the door at the Golden Corral in Marshall, Texas. These are both Japanese Maples. I was apoplectic! Such beautiful foliage, and they chopped them into these tight, miserable forms. GRRRRrrrrr!
I told you we went to Cooper Nursery in Marshall, too. This is the bougainvillia tree we saw there. I didn't realize what it was until I saw the blooms on the top.

I wish Bobby would let me have a bougainvillia, I would have a tree such as this.This is a great plant nursery. They have a very pretty little garden close to the entrance to the nursery which is dedicated to the memory of their son. It is just lovely.

It includes a nice water garden, as well as many plants we would have to struggle to grow here.

I really wanted to pull just a few of these yellow LA iris! I don't have any yellow ones anymore...

One more pic I wanted to show, for it shows an application for sedums. I love this sedum, and I have quite a lot of it, but it is all in pots. Look at what they did with it!

This is the same walkway, with our motly crew discussing the beautiful sedum, probably. We were all impressed with this nursery.
I have to go out and get busy. I am planting some of my sedum in the ground today. Maybe just a little at first....

I still have pictures to post. Next: the Austin roses!