Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I just wanted you to see this.....

This is that bottlebrush tree, now in full, glorious bloom! It is intoxicating, just to look at it!
Also, this is a messy yard, as I am on a dead run right now, and have not been around to clean up this part of the yard yet, but I wanted you to see some of my roses. This is Belinda's Dream, and I have never seen them so gorgeous!

The 'stick' in front is actually a Hua hibiscus, and has just started to leaf out. It will be purty, just not right now.

I have a LOT of pictures, just no time to post. We are doing the Native Plant Garden, plus the Spring Plant Sale is in 2 weeks, plus doing propagation classes for a couple of garden clubs is keeping me busy.