Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I just wanted you to see this.....

This is that bottlebrush tree, now in full, glorious bloom! It is intoxicating, just to look at it!
Also, this is a messy yard, as I am on a dead run right now, and have not been around to clean up this part of the yard yet, but I wanted you to see some of my roses. This is Belinda's Dream, and I have never seen them so gorgeous!

The 'stick' in front is actually a Hua hibiscus, and has just started to leaf out. It will be purty, just not right now.

I have a LOT of pictures, just no time to post. We are doing the Native Plant Garden, plus the Spring Plant Sale is in 2 weeks, plus doing propagation classes for a couple of garden clubs is keeping me busy.


ancient one said...

That Bottle Brush tree sure is purdy!! And so are those pink roses!!

Jean said...

And look at the Amaryllis!

My Belinda has a bud, so does my pink Knockout. Oh, Spring!

OhioMom said...

I just left Jean's garden, so decided to hop over to your house for a peek at your blooms.

Whew ... I am tired from all this traveling, but the colors and scents have made the trip worthwhile.