Saturday, February 26, 2011

"No, wait!" I said, "don't till there, I think ...."

Too late. He had already tilled up the asparagus bed. The lovely, tender shoots were gone. Of course, he had to weed eat the bed first. THEN he tilled it up!

It looks great, tho. All fluffy soil....

I am going tomorrow afternoon to do some trading with a friend. She has some different varieties of tomato plants, and I am going to trade some of mine for some of hers.

Planted seeds of spinach and mustard today.

It was supposed to rain every day this past week. We have not seen a drop of rain yet.

A good thing, we hauled a whole truckload of weeds to the dump this afternoon.


NellJean said...

Why are men with machinery always in such a HURRY?

Lorilee said...

I tilled my garden last weekend. I bought some asparagus crowns this week. I hope to do some planting today. I wish it wasn't so cloudy and windy!

The Violet Fern said...

I want to plant ... WAA WAA! I just planned my whole potager and ordered seeds. It's all I can do. There will be no tilling snow. Look forward to seeing your garden sprout (unless someone mistakenly pulls out the weed eater?)!

gld said...

I learned years ago not to turn mine loose with any kind of a gardening tool.....he doesn't even do the mowing. If he comes in the garden, like as not, he will tromp down the middle of a row!

I bet your asparagus is so deep it will return.

Anonymous said...

This reminded me of the time my "helpful" neighbor with the tractor mower mowed down all the wild strawberries along the side of my driveway just before they reached the peak of ripe perfection. AARGH!!