Tuesday, October 30, 2007

aggravation, aggravation

I am aggravated! I haven't figured out this blog thingie. I want it to look one way, but can't figure how to do it. I think I need to wait quietly, don't throw things yet, until I have time to work with it. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to post a picture. OR change things around................

Working with plants is so much less complicated. The fall garden is almost all in the ground.

I pressed seeds of dill (Bouquet) into a circle of soil in a raised bed and added a border of curley parsley. Arp rosemary encircles that, and the whole bed is squared up with corners of oregano and mint. They are both supposed to be so invasive, but in my garden, they must feel deprived, because I have never had it go crazy on me. I have seen it go crazy in other flowerbeds. We don't want that, we certainly don't!

Planning is the part of gardening that is most fun. Well, eating is good too.

I have found some new area to work. We dug several good size Spanish Mulberry trees out of some beds. They volunteer so easily. It is a pretty little tree, but I would prefer some LA lilies there, maybe. The area is about 12'x 10'. If I thin some branches out of a crepe myrtle in that area, I will really have a nice space.


Jean said...

You can, too, post photos. Instructions for same coming directly to your email. nj

ancient one said...

So, Janie, you plant your poppy seeds in the fall for next year? I was reading someone's blog and they said go to the dollar store and buy all the left over flower seeds and throw them around in your beds. Did she mean do it now or wait until next spring? I know that the volunteer seeds are just lying out there through the winter and they do their thing at the right time next year.

My SIL were just outside admiring my Hyacinth beans... LOL I will have some seeds this year... some are drying on the vine now.

I find this blogspot easy to use. I'm so glad you learned to post the photos... I'll be back often!!