Sunday, October 21, 2007

When first I knew

One of my instructors once admonished us as a class; "don't bother with one of these and one of those. Stick to sweeps of one plant, concentrate on great numbers of a certain bloom or color."

"Oh, well", I thought. "I am going to have a hard time here."

It wasn't that I had anything against great sweeps of a certain bloom or color. I love to see great sweeps of brilliant bougainvillea dressed in magenta or hot pink. I love a soothing carpet of Purple Heart, with a perky pick-me-up of yellow lantana. I just like a lot of other things too.

The problem comes with the fact that I am also an obsessive/compulsive propagator of plants too. The one plant I purchase turns into 6 plants or 10 plants. Wow! Now I have great sweeps of one kind of plant, one bloom, one color.

But I continue purchasing one of this and one of that. I stick them into the beds with the great swaths of one color, one bloom..........and that plant becomes many too.

I am going to run out of land before I run out of plants.


ancient one said...

You would have loved my mother-in-law. She had some of almost anything you could name. Her boys used to fuss about having to cut her yard. She didn't really have a lawn as she had shurbs and plants everywhere not in neat little beds like most people have. And I always thought she was the best at rooting cuttings, etc... I actually saved my daughter's pink geranium over winter and then made three pots this summer...NOw I wonder where in the world I'm going to keep all those plants this winter...LOL

Jean said...

But you're never going to run out of things to talk about here!

We should be out right now, taking cuttings of white shrimp plant and what's left of the last pineapple sage.