Sunday, October 26, 2008

I have not died, I am not dead.....

I have just been otherwise occupied.
I am sorry.

I have missed coming here. Hopefully, I will be able to post regularly again.

Please don't give up on me. I have many new things to share.


Did you know there is a PINK Jatropha? I has one!Did you know there is a variegated variety of Spiral Ginger, also called Crepe Ginger?I has one of these too. They bloom bold and brassy RED! Just gorgeous!
And do you know this exotic hibiscus? My cuttings that Bobby got for me have rooted, AND bloomed!

I am feeling pretty good now. Preparing for Winter, like the squirrels. I have many cuttings to tend in the greenhouse. I have a stock of glass and patterns in the stained glass room. I bought a book at Waldens yesterday that should keep me busy for many hours- "Reclaiming History" by Vincent Bugliosi (author of "Helter Skelter"). It is about the assassination of President Kennedy. I love history, so this is very interesting to me. Also, this is my kind of book; 1612 pages! It will take a while to read it all.

We have actually been out in the vegetable garden quite a bit. Bobby has helped me plant cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, mustard, radishes, 'Snow Peas', (and other peas too). Bobby has a huge assortment of peppers still. I have planted calendula, sweet peas, toadflax, snapdragon, and viola seeds. I can't wait for them to come up!


OhioMom said...

I love that Hibiscus! Good to see you busy in the garden, I can enjoy your blooms while we wait for snow :)

ancient one said...

nice looking flowers you have... I just have a few impatiens and some blue wildflowers (weeds ;) ).. I'm glad you are busy and not dead...LOL

Machelle said...

Glad your back! I know this is a busy time in the garden, preparing it for a winter nap. I have taken some cuttings also ( my first time trying this) I hope they make it.

janie said...

I shudder to think of snow!

Machelle, we are not putting the vegetable garden to bed for winter here, we are cranking it up for our winter garden! It goes pretty dormant in late summer, except for some okra, a few cherry tomatoes, and maybe some blackeye peas. Usually just okra and tomatoes tho.

When it cools off in September, we have a good fall garden started, and it will continue until spring. At that time, we pop new tomatoes in the ground, plant those new seeds we ordered from the catalogs over the winter, and start all over again.

By far, our fall/winter garden is superior to the spring garden.

Ann, I had impatiens, a river of wonderful red ones, until the armadillo dug them all up for me. They especially like that spot, because it is always damp, Impatiens being one of those flowers that demand a lot of water.

I seem to have accumulated a lot of new things this year. One thing, I am tired of dragging stuff around to protect it from freezing. I have decided to have only things that will come back from a freeze in the future. Not that I am letting things die of the cold, but I am not going to add to the ones I already have. I have gotten grouchy in my old age. LOL

Jean said...

I am glad your hiatus is over. It is, isn't it?

We've been willing you to return to the blogfield. Be careful with that glass stuff.