Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obsessive/compulsive- yep, that's me!

I am taking a stained glass class. We are learning the foil method in this class. This is the first stained glass I have ever done, and I love it!

In case you don't know, like I didn't know- Tiffany invented the foil method of stained glass. All the Tiffany lamps are put together with foil, then soldered together. The old church windows are done with lead came, and it is a totally different method. I am going to learn that next.

We learned to make a 'cartoon' first- a pattern. Learned to cut it apart with special scissors, so that it will fit together nicely when you cut the glass according to the pattern. We have learned to cut glass- straight cuts, convex curves, concave curves, and learned to use the various tools. We have learned to use a grinder to smooth our edges, and assure that our pieces are duplicates of our patterns. We have learned to wash our glass pieces and apply the foil to the edges of the nice clean glass.

That is as far as I can go. I don't know how to solder yet. I learn that on Tuesday evening.

I do know how to cut however, and grind, and smooth and prepare to solder, so that is what I have been doing. I now have 11 projects that I have so prepared, and when I learn to solder, I will have something ready to solder.

GOOD GRIEF! Eleven projects, and they are all different, and one gets bigger than the last. I have not done any windows yet, nor large panels, but those things are in my plans. Heheehe. (I am working on a lovely panel of poppies.)

I must be obsessive/compulsive about everything!

I will post pics when I have something to show.


Lorilee said...

Sounds like fun to me! I love to learn about and how to do new things! I can't wait to see a project!

OhioMom said...

Now this is a wonderful, I can't wait to see your finished projects.

Are ya done yet ?

Carla said...

Exciting! This is something I would like to do someday.

ancient one said...

I can't wait to see the pictures of some of your glass...and as good as you are at 'splaining things.. you should be able to tell us how to do it...cannot wait...but I will..