Thursday, December 11, 2008


I hate cold. I hate cold winds. And now, we have both.

I have lived in cold places. The Michigan UP is COLD!!!!! We used to ride motorcycles along Lake Superior in late June, and the lake was still frozen! But it was not the same kind of cold that we have here.

This cold is wet. The North Wind cuts to the bone, and chills you from the inside out. This cold is numbing, just the worst cold I have ever been exposed to. It is a good thing that it doesn't get very cold here very often. I would have to move South, and we can't get much farther South and stay in the US.

So, I am comfy inside, (except for those pesky drafty places, where we can't seem to find where the cold air is coming from), and I intend to stay here!

I do have to go out to take Lisa the dog to the vet, and I need to stop at the Extension office, and I need to do a little grocery shopping. When I get that done, I can stay in my house for days.

I have a stack of gardening magazines, unread gardening books, and a thick legal tablet, to start my plotting and planning for the new Spring gardens. I have several areas that I want to overhaul next year.

I have lots and lots of stained glass projects cut and ready to work on, so when it gets so cold that I can't cut glass, I can foil and solder it, and finish some of these projects. I am looking forward to those many hours.

AND...I will have time to work on my blog!


ancient one said...

Balmy rain here today... with tornado watches tonight...We had a couple days of winter then back to spring..LOL

I agree that the damp, wet, cold is the worst!

OhioMom said...

It is currently 27 degrees here in Cleveland and the high today was 29 ... feel better :)

Oh, and it is snowing....LOL

Jean said...

Woo, nasty weather everywhere. The wind makes the chill feel like freezing here.

Here's a little something to make you warmer:

Small Butterfly Stamp

Bigger Butterfly Stamp>

Right click and copy the Shortcut to paste into your blog using the 'link' thingie.

Jean said...

Dec. 15:
It's Bloom Day. What's bloomin' at your place?

Carla said...

Cold winter mix up here! Stay save and warm:)

dot said...

I don't know which is worse...the cold like you have just described or the old hot muggy weather in the south.

janie said...

The one thing about our weather is that it doesn't stay constant. It warmed up after 2 days, and today it was 76 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon.

Tonight, it is 72 degrees, and lovely to be out on the porch. We went to my sister's for dinner, and the fog was thick in places, but it was nice and warm. It just makes me dread the next cold front.

I have a rock rose (pavonia) volunteer blooming, and I think I like it better than the real rock rose. This is a pale pink, with dark rose throat. It is just gorgeous.

I have a lot of Bridal Veil blooming; little white 'baby's breath' type flowers, on a tall stalk. I have banks of them, as well as a lot of shrimp plant, and a few geraniums. Pink and Red, the geraniums.

Also, I have a whole bunch of RED begonia's blooming- outside, under the big pecan tree, in a big hanging basket about 2' across. I don't know why it hasn't froze, but it has not.

I don't know if this counts as blooming, but my antlers fern has a lot of new growth, and my new bromeliads all have pups. That was a shocker for me. I just brought those bromeliads home and left them where they landed. I have not paid much attention to them, and they are thriving. That must be the secret to growing bromeliads.

Jean said...

This Blog needs a New Year's Update. Nag, nag.