Friday, November 28, 2008

You know it's bad when.....

Thanksgiving at my house yesterday. Young son took advantage of the free groceries- we were glad to see him.

On his way out, with me following and DH behind me, (all carrying food plates for this child to eat later), he took the long way to his truck. He casually remarked "You need to get in your garden, Mom! It looks like it NEEDS you!"

And it does.

Can I still take a switch to him? Thirty-six isn't too old, is it?


ancient one said...

36 isn't too old, and you might be able to find that switch in your garden...LOL

Carla said...

Ancient One's comment is too funny!

At least he knows what you enjoy, meeting gardens:)

Hope you had a nice, peaceful, skunkfree, holiday weekend!