Wednesday, January 7, 2009

That girl is just full of information!

My friend Linda from Rockport sent me an email today. She was/is advertising the Rose/Herb Society program that is coming for January on the bay laurel.

Anyway, she included this tidbit to add to my general knowledge.

Did you know.....
In times past, ladies in the Orient made dye from the skin of the eggplant. They then used that dye to color their teeth grey. Back then, grey teeth were considered stylish, and as you might expect, eggplant farmers were very popular with the ladies.


And she included the big UGH!

Did I really need to know all that? Sounds ukky to me, but I did learn something I didn't know.

I didn't know they grew eggplant in the Orient, either.


Carla said...

I just read the egg plant thing in a seed catalog-from gray teeth to TOO BRIGHT TO BE REAL white. When will light yellow be in style???

janie said...

LOL, I wish I knew!