Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Doin' things different this year....

As some of you know, I am a Master Gardener, here in Jackson County, Texas. This past year, I served as President of our Association, and it was my privilege to do so. Last December 15th, I handed the reins of power (chuckle, chuckle) off to my VP, Mary Nell. I did so gladly, because our association does need the enthusiastic new Master Gardeners to lead us, and keep us from becoming static and bored. All our new officers are new Master Gardeners, certified only a year ago, at most.

So, now,what to do? How do I fill my time? I had over 428 hours last year, what will I do now?


I am the Web Master for us, that is what! I started working on our website last year, and this year, that is all I am going to be responsible for. You can see it at www.jcmga.com

I am proud of it, and I am always happy to have suggestions of how I can improve it. We have a wonderful assortment of personalities in our Master Gardener group. They have been great about sharing pics with me, and alerting me to things they are doing.

Oh, yes, and I will be writing a monthly Master Gardener type column for the local newspaper.

My yard is pitiful. It will take lots of TLC to restore it to it's former magnificence. We will get there. It will just take some time.


ancient one said...

You've done a good job as the president and with the website... and you'll get your yard pretty again...It has rained all day today and our yard is muddy.. but it's too cold to do anything outside...so that's all right too.. Spring is coming....LOL

Carla said...

Oh how exciting! I'll be sure to visit your new hobby! Post some yard photos for us followers on your blog too (now that you have all this 'free' time:)

Jean said...

Hey, you can cut gardenia blooms with a little stem to perfume the inside of the house and then just leave the leaves and stem when the blossoms fade. They'll root in the vase.

Or your friend could root you some more. There's only one in the GH.

Have you tried Rose's blog lately? I get a message that I'm not invited any more.