Saturday, February 21, 2009

Today, We Worked!

This was the assigned task today. I had decided I wanted a little short fence across the bed by the driveway. It had a huge moraea iris in that front corner that was about five feet across. It took Bobby and I about an hour to dig it out, but we managed. Bobby measured the length, and set the post locations, then we went to town to pick up the cedar boards and some nails. We started on this about 10:30am, and we finished it about 1:00pm. We got it done in about two and a half hours. I thought we did good!

I trimmed, cut back, stuck cuttings, dug plants out of the way, replanted things I dug up. I divided and planted, and I am going to have such drifts of stuff! Tomorrow I am planting a row of society garlic (purple/lavender blooms) and coreopsis(brilliant yellow blooms)- alternating from one to the other. I can just see it, in my mind's eye. I would do a row of one, then a row of the other, but I think they would not fit together the way I want if I did that.

If you read the last post, you saw the picture of the plumbago x firebush that I wanted in my yard. Well, that is what I planted in the spot at the end of the bed, where the iris was growing. I have put gaura 'Whirling Butterflies' in this bed, and cleradendron 'Butterfly Blue'. 'True Gold' lantana and Brazilian buttons were already here. Other plants that I added today are shasta daisies, and I planted Euryops (yellow bush daisy) and yellow bulbine behind the fence too. That is where I want to put the society garlic and coreopsis, at the end of the bulbine, but before you get to the yellow bush daisy.
This is Euryops.

If you look past the fence, you can see where we are working on a watering system, and where I have bags of pine needles to mulch. You can't see it right now, but that whole area is just full of plants. By May, it should be very pretty!

In my mind, I know it will be.

Now, if I can get Bobby to dig out the other iris tomorrow, and maybe he will dig that rootbeer plant out too, before it has a chance to spread any more. Look where the black bag is, that is the pine needles. Behind it is a large green plant...

That is the iris. This one is not as big as the one we dug out, so maybe he won't mind too much...


ancient one said...

And it shows... that bed is going to be so pretty... and I love your fence...and all the little creatures here and there.. and your teacup.. and everything!! I will be glad when it gets warm around here week is suppose to be colder... so I guess I will watch your garden grow for now...

Lorilee said...

Yes, work you did! I can't wait to see it in May!