Saturday, February 7, 2009

WOW! Today was a beautiful day!

My darling husband has a new project. He has aquired not just one, but three motorcycles to work on! Hurray! More stuff for our yard! But, on the other hand, if it makes him happy, it makes me happy.

I am working in my gardens and beginning to see progress! I planted lilies today, and Gayfeather corms. I planted tall RED snapdragons, and dianthus. I moved some daylilies, and I have several that need dividing, and some that need to be planted. I will get to them. I planted seeds of rose campion, coneflower, standing cypress, nicotiania, agastache, cleome, and verbena bonariensis. Tomorrow I am planting Blackberry lily and castor beans 'Carmencita', AND nicotiana 'Lime Green'.

AND I planted crowns of asparagus, given to me by my friend Linda. She explained how to plant them, and I followed her instructions to the letter. I have 6 crowns, which, for someone who has never eaten asparagus in her life, is plenty. I will see how they grow and survive in our summers, and maybe plant more next year.

SWEET PEAS ARE BLOOMING! Not a wonderful picture, but they are wonderful to smell when I am working in the garden.

You can see my peas on the fence behind the sweet peas. That is where I go to graze on new peas. Nothing better!


ancient one said...

Yes, yes, Saturday and Sunday were wonderful here too... temps got to 70 degrees today.. You know that picture is pretty to me... It has green in it.. everything here is still brown...but Spring is certainly coming...

OhioMom said...

Ahhhhhh ... spring is still 6 weeks away, love your sweet peas :)

OhioMom said...

Ooops ... forgot to mention, roasted asparagus is delish, they will crispy instead of limp and mushy from boiling/steaming.

Just put some olive oil and seasonings of choice ... YUM!!