Monday, August 31, 2009

A wall of esperanza.....

A friend was telling me about her plans to grow a wall of esperanza next year, and I immediately thought of this site. This is the Native Plant Garden put in by our Master Gardener group a while back. It has grown and grown, and today is very pretty.

I love to see a young mother with her children sitting in this bench while she reads to them. The library is located in this building, and it just seems right to me.

This is a busy place, this little garden. Children love the little bridge, everybody loves the bench, and we have so many butterflies in this garden that lots of people come just to look at them.

The Master Gardeners will be out there on Thursday, pulling weeds, digging out grass, and planting seeds.

I love this little garden. It does my heart good to see it thrive.


NellJean said...

One year makes a big difference, doesn't it? That garden looks GOOD!

I'm working on my Esperanza wall. I want it to be about 30 feet long, with blue Porterweeds tucked in here and there and lots of Pride of Barbados. I've let my PoB go to seed. I think I picked the seeds too soon last year.

I think I do too much planning and too little planting.

Lorilee said...

That is a gorgeous place to relax!

ancient one said...

Glad to see an update on that garden y'all worked so hard on... it is beautiful... I knew it would be...