Sunday, August 17, 2008

...and Rosenberg is up by Houston....

We went on a field trip Saturday. I was worried that it would be so hot that we would not be able to enjoy the day, but it turned off cool, a little rainy, with a North breeze blowing, just perfect weather!

We went to the Demonstration gardens of the Fort Bend County Master Gardeners. They were very interesting, and really informative. They had a LOT of different plants. Have you ever seen a red plumbago? Well, they have one, and now, so do I. Cuttings, I have, but they will soon be rooted. I am so excited!No, I did not take unauthorized cuttings, but got them instead from Caydee of Caldwell Nursery. She said they root so easy, and she was very generous to give me the cuttings. This is plumbago indica red.
We went to the Enchanted Forest too. Between Caldwell Nursery and Enchated Forest, I have a full week of planting work to do now. I needed all of these.

Lysmachia, althernanthera 'Party Time', jatropha (pink), almond verbena, cleradendron 'Musical Notes', ginger 'Siam Tulip', double shell pea vine, 'Diamond Frost', cat's whiskers (purple), red orchid tree, and several sedums and succulents and little ferny thingies for the fairy garden. Also, purple cestrum, blackberry lilies, burgandy cotton, and 'Silver Dollar' eucalyptus. I think I am forgetting something, but I don't know what it is. I will post it, if I find out. This is 'Musical Notes'.
Enchanted Garden has this fairy garden. This is the cutest thing you ever saw. the house is about 15"-18" tall and about 20" long. I usually like fairy houses that are more natural than this, but this was really cute. Plus, it used a Norfolk Pine, and a Ming aurelia for trees, and I happen to have some of them. The River was pebbles and blue rocks, like used in an aquarium. It was so cute.We saw other interesting things. One was this fence, at the FBC gardens. I call it the "Zen" Fence, because it is a boundary of their Japanese garden.It is done the same on both sides, a dog ear fence board, then bamboo to match the width of the dog ear board. They had several sections of this, some longer than this one, and it was very effective.Also, Bobby took this picture for future reference. These rose trellis' were in the area where they have roses, a vinyard, and berries growing. I don't know if they purchased them or produced them, but they had several of them, and I liked them. They were kind of elegant-looking.Bobby wants to make some of them. I think he should hurry about it.
We had a great time on this field trip. We stopped to eat at "On The Border", and celebrated the birthday of two of our Master Gardeners. They share August 16th for their birthday. We had Kahlua Ice Cream Cake. Great Birthday Cake!


OhioMom said...

OMG I love that red plumbago, and the trellises too! Has Bobby finished making them yet :)

Anonymous said...

The "Red Plumbago" is gorgeous, I've never seen it in any color other than blue. Lovely! How cool that your hubby is so creative and can make you some rose trellises like those. Can't wait to see all your new plants.

Carla said...

"cool, a little rainy, with a North breeze blowing, just perfect weather!" is my favorite gardening weather,
"I needed all of these." Is my motto!
"I think he should hurry about it." This is my hope about most things:)
I'm glad you found new 'friends' I hope they do well with you!
Thanks for sharing!

Lorilee said...

Wow, I didn't know there was such a thing as red plumbago. The musical notes plant is spectacular! I hope you will post photos of more of your new plants soon.

ancient one said...

The perks of being a Master Gardner !! Thanks so much for taking us along on your trip. Beautiful plants and new ideas for Bobby to build ..

Anonymous said...

Plumbago cant be propagated from cuttings.

Anonymous said...

Plumbago cant be propagated from cuttings.

Anonymous said...

Plumbago cant be propagated from cuttings.

janie said...

Plumbago can certainly be propagated by cuttings. Who told you that? Wholesale growers seldom have tissue culture labs, and they stick plumbago to root all the time.

These particular cuttings rooted and will go into my flowerbeds as soon as it is warm and not likely to freeze again.


ShoShonnarRay said...

How is the red plumbago doing?

janie said...

The red plumbago was cut into a dozen parts, the root part being planted into the garden. All the cuttings were stuck, watered well and set in the shade to root.

I got 11 new plants, and I am going to cut them next month (end of May, 2009) to root some for our Fall Plant sale.

This red plumbago is very flashy, much more so than the blue. Where the blue is like a waltz, the red is like jive dancing. Very vibrant.

There is also a white plumbago.