Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's THAT time of year again...

Storm Season.

It rolls around every year, like Halloween and the Fourth of July. We dread it, we fear it. We hate it.

I have managed to get some things done, in anticipation of the storms lined up and waiting to bash our shores. I have a list of things we will need to survive, and a list of things to do, in the event that we need to leave.

I live on the Gulf Coast, the Texas Gulf Coast. South of Galveston by about 80 miles as the storm blows, and about 90 miles north of Corpus Christi. Our last 'big' hurricane was Hurricane Carla, which wiped us out in September, 1961. Our house had 3 exterior walls left standing, and not a thing within those walls. A large rug that Mama had acquired somewhere overseas was spread out on the front lawn, and the remnants of my piano lay on top of it, broken into a cazillion pieces. I will never forget the terrible smell. Our big chest type freezer had been overturned, and all the contents were mixed with the mud on what had been the floor of our house. After several days in the hot September sun, it was a terrible smell.

The first thing on my list is always the same: Empty the refrigerator. I don't turn it off, but in case the power goes off, I don't have a ruined refrigerator -if the house don't blow away, that is.

I have a list of things I will need, other than clothes. Clothes are the least of my wants and wishes, except for Bobby's coveralls for work. They are fire-resistant, and he must have them for work. We don't want to have to replace them.

Three sets of sheets, a dozen towels, a service for 4 dishes and silverware, Mama's cast iron dutch oven, 2 sizes cast iron skillets, my wonderful old spatula that Daddy used for turning pancakes on Saturday mornings, a few utensils, and a couple of nice old bowls. A coffee pot that percolates coffee on the stove, or on the campfire, and a few coffee mugs.

A few items for basic grooming. Pictures are gathered and packed, and I have all my important papers sorted and in one box, ready to load, if we have to go.

The boxes of dolls are still packed from Katrina, as are the cookie jars. I would take my iron bed that I inherited from my mother, that she inherited from her mother. I am not so afraid that it would get ruined in a storm, more that it could get lost in a storm.

I would pull a low boy trailer, and Bobby will pull the travel trailer. I am sure we are lucky, but sometimes it would be nice to just leave all this stuff. I bet Bobby will insist on packing his WHOLE shop, which is considerable. I haven't asked him, I am avoiding the subject.

I would pack my desktop computer, and a laptop. Cameras, one printer. Selected books. Bobby may or may not want to take his computer. More likely, he would want his TV.

Most important would be the 3 dogs, and the old kitty, AND their crates and huge sacks of food.

Everyday I say a prayer for those in the path of these storms, and I say a prayer to keep us safe too. I just shudder to think of it.

Prayers for all of y'all on the coast, and on the east coast. Some of you, I feel like I know you. I would hate for the storms to get you too. So, be safe! Take care! Make a list!

It helps a lot, making lists. LOL

Oh, yes, don't let me forget to take a few clothes.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are prepared no matter what happens. I would want my pictures, I can't make the boys babies again. :) We prepared this year by investing in a generator. We got hit four years ago by Isabel and lost power for several weeks as well as one large maple & several large branches from the others.

Windy City Green Thumb said...

Wishing you good luck and that Gustav does not come your way!

OhioMom said...

Stay safe Janie ... and everyone else in the path of this storm.

Carla said...

My prayers are for you 'coastal' people! I love your list. I was just thinking if we had to evacuate for some reason, I don't have a cat carrier. AND I have four cats. And some other things like all my photo cds aren't all together. You list makes me think. Take care-Carla (sorry I share the same name as the hurricane that wiped you out-I wasn't born til 1966, if that helps!)

ancient one said...

Hope all is well...our worst was Floyd and we were safe through that.. water, water everywhere,but we were dry..