Friday, August 8, 2008

I have been ....

Well, I have not been here! I have no excuse good enough.

Our Master Gardener Group has a website. Guess who is webmaster!

You win (?) if you said it was me. That would be correct. Check it out here.

AND...because I am a real dummy when it comes to websites, and I have to learn EVERYTHING there is to learn, I haven't had much time. That, and a few other things has kept me tied up.

Our Native Plant Garden is growing just fine. I am real proud of it. If we could just get a handle on the nut grass and the bermuda grass, we would be fine. I need to go weed again tomorrow, but I may not get there until next week.

AND....I went to TMGA meeting in College Station last weekend. This MG stuff is taking over my life. Did I mention that I am president this year? Thankfully, the year is going to be over one of these days, and I cannot serve a second year, according to our by-laws, so I will be out of there! It is time to let the newer ones take over.

I looked at the pictures over at Seed Scatterer's site, and I am envious. I know that I shouldn't be like that, but she has MOWED GRASS and lots of PURTY FLOWERS! I do not have mine mowed, and the beds are weedy and needy! I want about a week to do nothing but weed and mulch, weed and mulch.

I just need to get my life organized again. I had it organized once, but that was years ago.

We are going on a field trip on August 16th. Going to look at the Fort Bend County MG demonstration gardens.
AND...we are going to the Enchanted Forest nursery. Check it out here.

This place is fantastic. I have no idea what I will find there, but it will be different, I know.

We also go to Caldwell nursery when we go there, and they have a really huge variety. I mean a huge variety of EVERYTHING! Check them out here.

I am going to turn my AC on this weekend, I think.
It is pretty hot now. I think it was 102 degrees today. It is weird that it is not hot in the house, but on the porches, it is HOT!

When I turn the AC on, I will be here everyday. LOL


Anonymous said...

We missed you Janie! It sounds like you have been a busy, busy bee. Hopefully one day soon you will get that week to weed & mulch. :) By the way I've had the A/C on all summer, you Texas girls kill me. :)

OhioMom said...

You are missed :)

janie said...

OH! Linda, I made your "Hot Fudge Pudding Cake", to serve at a thingie, and it is DELICIOUS!!!


ancient one said...

You are one busy, busy, person! Today, I don't think our A/C has come on all day.. it is rainy and coolish here today...

Sandi McBride said...

You know Janie you remind me of Rowland Alston at Clemson University...he hosts Making It Grow on ETV every Tuesday at 7 pm here...(if you google Making It Grow you'll go to the site)...he and the panel teach us so much...and we learn about native plants that don't require as much water, which is important in the midst of this drought! Welcome back...