Thursday, November 13, 2008

I tole him and tole him!

Did I not say that I said NO to traps in the yard for fear of catching a skunk?

I know I did!

Well, he didn't listen! He set that trap for the armadillo who is plundering our mustard patch. (He is very fond of fresh mustard- Bobby, that is, not the armadillo!) I didn't know he had set it, and was in the garden mixing a little Miracle Grow in the bucket of rain water I had caught. I was actually waiting for my friend to pick me up, so we could go to our stained glass class; just killing time.

I didn't even see the trap until I was almost standing right over it. AND THERE WAS A BIG FAT SKUNK IN IT!

I about broke my neck getting away from it, and I ran to call and let him know he had a chore to do when he got home from work.

Then I high-tailed it out of there; off to the safety of my stained glass class, and I didn't even feel guilty to leave him there to deal with it alone. He would have had to deal with it alone even if I had been here. I help him do all kinds of things, some of them even dangerous. But I draw the line at skunks.

Bobby was asleep when I got in, and there was no stinky skunk odor. When I asked him about it this morning, he said he shot him and hauled him away. No spraying, no nothing.

I would still be trying to get that smell off me.


ancient one said...

Glad you missed the spray...LOL

I've never seen a skunk around here. When my son lived in PA he said they were plentiful up that way. They would sometimes get in his basement.

Carla said...

I'm glad you got out without breaking your neck, and the skunk met it's demise without spray! Maybe others will stay way. (shutter)

Jean said...

Wahahahahahahahaha! What did I tell you? We have BEEN THERE, DONE THAT. It was more fun when I caught the possum in the armadillo trap.

We haven't set it since nosy Inky came to stay, I'm sure he would try it out. He killed and ate a big skink (lizard) today. Tomorrow he's going to the vet to take his VOWS.


OhioMom said...

OMG .. yes Janie you did tell him, I read it right here LOL I would have been right behind you.

So now no more skunks ?