Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oh, woe, more skunk tales...

That Man is trying for a record, I think!

He set that trap again, he caught ANOTHER skunk! I was at home when he dispatched this one, and was tempted to take a picture of him putting the lifeless body into a sack, but I stopped myself at the last minute. One thing about skunks, they have a really long tail!

The closest I ever was to a skunk was when I was a new bride, and my furrier In-Laws told me to pick out a nice collar for my cloth coat. I liked the skunk, without any white furs. I suppose that tells you something. I could have had mink, chinchilla, fox, seal- whatever I wanted. I liked the skunk. LOL (This before PITA, mind you.)

Maybe I was just homesick.

I think we are going to just fence the garden to keep critters out. How long can the Man's luck last? He is bound to get sprayed sooner or later.

I have warned him to NOT expect good treatment if/when he does get sprayed. He will be peeling clothes and showering in the back yard, January or July.

I bet he is really worried about that.



Lorilee said...

I hope his Good Luck lasts! That smell is extemely hard to get rid of!

Jean said...

Oh, no, not another one!

So what did we find when the barn was finally down? A very dead armadillo, just shell and bones, and a network of holes in the ground. There's also a bad smell of decay, but I can't tell if it's from the armadillo maze or from chicken litter being spread on the neighbor's field behind us.

There was a nice big bushel basket sized stone under there, too, now set in my chicken rose bed.

Carla said...

LOL! I hope you have a happy and 'skunk-free' Thanksgiving!