Saturday, September 5, 2009


Nell, the Seed Scatterer, was gracious to bestow a meme on me. I am not really sure what a meme is, but I am grateful for the honor, anyway.

She said I was to tell 7 things about myself. I am not sure there is that much to tell about me.

But, I will try.

1. I am very proud of my family. Not just my contempory family- husband who makes me very proud, children, siblings- they all make me proud. I am talking about the ones who are gone, the ones who got us here, and taught us that this life and this country are worth the extra care it takes to keep it for us.

2. When I get interested in something, I want to learn everything I can about it. But I get bored with things sometimes too, and I will put them down and not pick it back up for a long, long time, sometimes years.

3. I have a dog who loves me completely. My cat is learning from the dog, and now follows me around the house, a bare 2 steps behind me. All. Day. Long. My dog talks to me. She speaks in sentences sometimes. I swear she does. She is a boxer, you know how they are.

4. I love, love, love to teach! I am not a teacher, but I like to teach other people about plants and propagation, rain water harvesting, and such.

5. I have 2 sisters. We are as different as we could possibly be. The most baby sister is a Real Nurse. Actually, she is a Boss of Nurses. My middle little sister is TOO- The Organized One. That woman is so organized it makes my head hurt. Me? I am terribly dis-organized, and only seem to know what I am doing. I don't, really. Usually.

6. My Dear Husband is a real artist. He works in metal and/or wood for the most part. He does some wonderful things. If I just say..."I wish we had....", he will soon figure out how to make it.

7. One of my most favorite things to do is to share plants, especially seeds. I have sent hyacinth bean vine seeds all over the country and Canada. I still have a lot to share, along with a ton of other seeds. I have many more than I need, and I don't want all that beauty to go to waste!

NOW, I am to pass the Meme onto 7 other peoples. I am not sure I know 7 to pass it to, but I will do my best.

Ann, at Ancient One's Place has been a favorite blog to go to for a long time. She and her husband keep these goats that are a great source of amusement. She has wonderful pictures to look at too, although they are not always garden pictures.

Donald, at Donald's Texas Garden, posts the most beautiful pictures of his flowers. He always has something different happening.

Sheryl Smith- Rodgers, at Window on a Texas Wildscape is a writer who's gardens have been certified by Texas Parks and Wildlife as a Texas Wildscape.

Mr. BrownThumb always has so much of interest going on! I have learned a lot from him!

Raquel at Perennial Garden Lover is the daughter of an Internet friend, Capricious in Cleveland. Both are fantastic gardeners, but the Mama has discovered Facebook, and we may not see her gardens for awhile.

Lorilee, over at Cackleberry Cottage has a lot of neat things to read about on her blog.

My last candidate for this Meme is Sarge Charlie. He has entertained me for a long while now, and I wish him good health and good fortune. He tells it like it is.

Now I just have to go tell all these folks that I have passed the meme on to them.....

And I have no idea how to link this back to Nell.....I can probably figure it out.


MrBrownThumb said...

Hi Janie,

It is nice to get to know you better through the meme. Thanks for thinking of me and this meme. I actually did this one in '07 & I can't think of anything new to share. You can see my post from it then.



Anonymous said...

Hi Janie, thanks for thinking of me, but I've already participated in this which you can read at: