Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Looking forward.....

to an adventure tomorrow!

I am going to the wholesale nursery in Gonzales. What kind of adventure is that? I do that fairly often. But this time, I am going to get to meet JolanaWeb!

Jolana is the soul of Gardening in Texas on Garden Web. She was there when I signed up way back when (about 2003 or 2004), and she knows everything! She knows about plants and dogs, and rotten neighbors, and husbands who don't garden.....

Jolana is a hoot!

So, I am very excited to meet her. She is going to meet me in Gonzales and we will go to the nursery together. I have met 3 other people in person who I first met on the Internet, and so far, they have all proven me to be an excellent judge of character. I think most gardeners are upstanding peoples.

Be sure, I will come back with pictures!

Also, I have joined 'Blotanical', but I am reading the FACS before I rush in and make a supreme fool of myself. I have had several nice comments from people who saw I had joined, and I appreciate them very much.

Since the MG plant sale is over, this MG is on sabbatical for awhile, and I am busy in the garden while the weather is glorious. I get to this computer early in the morning, and in the evening, as a rule. I am looking forward to being able to work on my blog and look at bulb catalogs for a change!


ancient one said...

Have fun... I never met anyone on the Garden Web that I didn't like... wonderful folks over there..

Scott & Liz said...

hey Janie, Found you from Blotanical and I see you're from costal Texas...we need to talk! I'm in the FL. Keys land of salt and sun. Enjoyed a quick look around your blog, I'll be back.
Welcome to Blot.

Teresa said...

I am glad you joined blotanical. I may not have found your blog otherwise. Welcome.

Anonymous said...

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