Saturday, September 12, 2009

RAIN! Heavenly rain.....

We are getting rain! Today is the 5th day in a row that it has rained on my garden.

Everything loves it! So far, we have had about 5.5" of rain, and the flowers, shrubs, trees, weeds.....(yes, weeds, weeds, weeds) love it!

I will be pulling them out on my hands and knees next week!

Probably have lots of 'skeeters' too. It only takes them 4 days to populate the world after a nice rain.

I will say " Thank you, Lord" for the rain. We can always do something about the 'skeeters'!


Lorilee said...

I am so thankful for the rain too! Everything is growing like crazy!

Jim-The Gaudy Garden said...

I'll be glad to share my NC mosquitoes with you. They darken the noon day sun.

Sunita said...

I wish I had some of that rain here in Mumbai. You can keep the demons-on-wings though ... I've got more than enough here.
Maybe I should start an export-import business. You import the rain, I'll export the mosquitoes ;)