Saturday, May 31, 2008

A fallen Angel.....

.....but beautiful still.

Somebody threw her away. Her wings were broken off, and her head was broken from her body and broken into several pieces. They took her to the dump.

We found most of her, but not the wings, which she doesn't need anyway. We never did find her left hand, but figure if Venus Di Milo can be beautiful with no arms, our angel is still beautiful with one hand.

Bobby put her back together, and she is destined to live in the ruins garden. She is sunning herself in the front garden right now, but will be moved in due time.

She is well over 4 feet tall, and I consider her a treasure.


OhioMom said...

Oh Janie, I missed her this morning ... I absolutely think she is stunning. Thank you and Bobby for rescuing her :)

Anonymous said...

You found a real treasure. She is a beautiful addition to your garden.

ancient one said...

Yes, I remember from garden web what good finds you found at the dump.. I probably would have left her because I wouldn't have known how to fix her..but oh she is a beauty!! I'm so glad you rescued her!!