Tuesday, May 6, 2008

too long gone.....

I have not been here for a long time. It feels like forever, but you can believe that I am happy to be here now.

I have about a cazillion pictures to edit, and so many stories and things to share.

But for right now, I just am going to show you some things that my Darlin' made for the Master Gardener plant sale. They used them as a raffle.
This first one is a BIGGGGG welded basket that is planted with duranta 'Saphire Spires'. It is 3' across, and I love the space between the planted basket and the top ring. It is actually a hanging basket, but for the plant sale, they displayed it on this stand. The stand is now safely back in my yard.
The next two are of the same adorable creature. He is a shovel bird, hatched in Bobby's fertile imagination. He sure did not want to give his wonderful bird up, after he had breathed life into him, but he did it. Ain't he cute! He is almost 5' tall. This breed is extinct, I am sure.

This last one is my contribution. It is a 7' tall wooden tuteur. A free standing trellis.

I love doing woodwork. I always purchase enough wood for two of the same thing. One for the original purpose, and one for me.

They said the man who won the trellis didn't know what to do with it. He really wanted the bird. I know the man, a really nice guy, and I was glad he won it.

Also, look at that pink flamingo! We didn't build wooden birdhouses this year, but used birdhouse gourds instead. They were so cute! This flamingo is not a birdhouse, but a piece of sculpture on it's own.

I wanted the flamingo!


Jean said...

Well, it's about time!

janie said...

Yes, and I feel positively giddy, working on a post!

I am working on the Native Plant Garden update, "as we speak".

OhioMom said...

Welcome back Janie ... I love love love the work on the trellis and hanging basket that you and your Darlin did ... but the bird ? Oh I want that bird .. I would set it right in my kitchen !

ancient one said...

I'd like the bird too... but he would be outside sitting in the middle of a bunch of flowers... Hope your plant sale brings/brought lots of money...

I'm glad you're back... missed you!

Rose said...

Welcome back. I've been worried about you. You and your "Darlin" are incredibly talented. I would have been thrilled to have won any one of these items! I hope your sale was a big success.

ancient one said...

Janie, do you know if we can grow bluebells here?

The reason I asked Imac posted some on his website and they were so pretty growing in the woods.


Go look and let me know...

janie said...

I am not sure that that species will grow for you.

However, there is a Virginia bluebell that I think you could grow. Check this site for info and seed.


Something else they have in Great Britian that has naturalized is the daffodil. When we lived there, I was in awe of the wonderful fields of yellow daffodils. I thought the people who owned them must be the richest people in the world.

Then I grew up, learned to order from the bulb catalog, and I am now sure they were indeed.....the richest people in the world! LOL

You caught me just right. I am in the middle of working on a post about our Native Plant Garden, so I saw your post real quick!


Casa Martin said...

I have been digging around here! Thank you for sharing your blog with me on GardenWeb.

How how I desire a garden like yours!!!! Blah!
So, are raised beds working out better for you?

I am working on a design...could use some pointers. I have about a full acre total but I would I have about 1/4 to dedicate to an actual vegetable garden.

Did the raised gardens get the weeds under control? Did you lay anything under the soil first to help with the weeds?

Pray tell!
Maggie, Gardens of Casa Martin

Anonymous said...

I love the shovel bird.