Thursday, May 22, 2008

We almost came to blows.....

.......not really, but I was really mad at that man!

I was nice, cooked chicken fried steak for dinner, with a baked potato, white gravy, squash from the garden, sliced tomatoes from the garden and a pan of biscuits. It was good, except that I baked a sweet potato for myself, and that man wanted the sweet potato! After he had doctored the baked potato all up, smeared all kinds of stuff on it, and I couldn't eat that.

So.....I shared my sweet potato with him, and he ate the whole baked potato. I would have baked him his own sweet potato, had I thought he would rather have one. I had no idea he felt so strongly about sweet potatoes.

After cleaning up the kitchen, I joined him outside for a couple of hours working outside. It is cool enough in the evening, I love to work then.

We were working out by the hoop house. We are going to take it down and set it up at my friend Pat's house, and that man is going to take my space to enlarge his shop. I have another, bigger greenhouse, so it isn't like he is being greedy about it. LOL

Well, He was in charge of weed eating, and they were kind of tall in some areas. I was picking up pots.

You have to understand that I was in the landscaping business, and I still have every pot I ever brought home. These are the regular, plain-jane pots like from the nurseries. I have fantastic big pots that trees came in, down to 2" pots. I bought 4 packs and 6 packs by the thousand, along with the trays to set them in. My absolute favorites are the 4" pots and the quart pots; very versatile, very useful little containers.

I also have a good collection of clay pots, and I have several hundred, in all sizes. I like them.

So I am picking up pots and stacking them in all the different sized stacks. I was really tickled that we were getting all this work done.

I didn't recognize the noise at first, then it dawned on me what that weird noise was! Pots! He was weed eating my little pots! He didn't want to wait for me to get them, and couldn't be bothered to pick them up himself, so he was just cutting them up as he chopped down the weeds!

You could hear me above the whine of that weed eater; I think they could hear me at the Post Office, 3 blocks away! I know I am a little off kilter about all those pots, but I like having them. I gave up buying fabrics (for the most part), and I quit smoking, cold turkey. I am not going to give up my pots too!

I like knowing that if I have 5 dozen cuttings, I have the pots to put them in. We also found 6 bags of potting soil, and lots of other amendments, but all that is so I can put it in the pots when I need to. Some things, like the flats of ice plant that I did last week, could be put in 4 packs. I have lots of 4 packs, and when I run out, I will order some more.

But when I cut back my angel's trumpets, I stick every cutting, and that takes a 1 gallon pot. I have 46 angel's trumpets in 1 gallon pots out there now, but if I cut another, I would stick them too. I just feel very strongly about not wasting the angel's trumpets. LOL They are very easy to root, and very easy to sell.

GRRRRR! It was probably kind of loud. I was fussing about ruining pots, and he was fussing about having all this &$%@@*! junk! LOLOLOL

I wonder if my neighbors think it is interesting being my neighbor.


OhioMom said...

1st: I haven't had chicken fried steak in like forever, I am drooling over that meal, I actually can imagine the wonderful scents coming from your kitchen.

2nd: ROFLMBO! about "that man".

ancient one said...

I hear you!! I remember the first outdoor auction I went to. We walked along the rows as the auctioneer sold the "junk" and that's exactly what I think it was... "JUNK"...that is until I saw the box of clay flower pots... I got my husband to bid and I came home with the pots..LOL

Rose said...

I've learned to love sweet potatoes, finally, since I started the South Beach diet. Did you bread your CFS with wheat flour? Ha!

I know all about "that man". Heee!