Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm not thinkin' this is good....

I am getting pretty scared here, now. This may be the big one for us. DERN!

check this out.

I am packed, just got to put it in our vehicles and go. The forecast is for this thing to come in as a Catagory 3 or possibly 4, at Matagorda Bay or San Antonio Bay. Either way, that is us.

The County has called to advise us to evacuate. Evacuation is mandatory below Highway 35, but that is not us. We are about 4 miles north of Highway 35, as the storm blows. People think that because we are 15 miles from Hwy 35 by road, that we are a long way off- not so, not so!

I am not concerned about water, although they expect 18' tide surge. We are nice and high here. The wind is the big thing for us, and the big trees in my yard. I am going to be undone if I come home to find a 40' pecan tree laying across my house.

We might go to my little sister's house in College Station. She has a brand new Grandbaby Boy that we need to see anyway.


Carla said...

Janie please be safe! You all are in my prayers-Carla

Lorilee said...

Hi Janie,
I am not all that far from you! I am in northern Victoria. We will be boarding up on Thursday. We will probably head to San Antonio. Hubby's employer found a hotel room for us there, so that he can continue to drive his route to Harlingen with pharmaceutical supplies. I am not sure what to do with our 3 dogs!
Stay safe,

OhioMom said...

Janie ... get in the cars and get the he$$ out of town, you have been on my mind for the last two days.

We can replace material possessions ... but we can't replace you.

Go .. and go now!

Let us know how you fare, my prayers and thoughts are with you.

ancient one said...

So now I know three of my blogging friends are evacuating. Janie, Please Stay Safe. Our prayers are with y'all!