Friday, September 19, 2008

We're having a plant sale...

We are having a plant sale tomorrow. The Master Gardeners, I mean, and it is going to be a BIG plant sale! We have worked for 2 days, setting it all up. The doors open at 8:00, I need to be there around 7:00 am, to put the coffee on to percolate and all that.

We hope we will sell out by 10:30am, or around there, anyway. You just cannot imagine all the plants that are in that auditorium.

We have 2 plant sales a year. This is when we make our money to operate the whole year.

Wish us luck!


Lorilee said...

Is the plant sale in Edna. I talked to a Victoria Master Gardener at Bunco last night and she told me that the Edna Master Gardeners were having a plant sale to day. She said their sale's were great. I would havd like to have gone, but I already had plans.
I hope it was a great success.

OhioMom said...


Machelle said...

So glad that you are safe from the storm. I enjoy visiting your blog, and wish I was close enough to attend the plant sale.
I had a question about the Cat's Whiskers, this is my first year growing them, I think that they are grown as annuals here in zone 7. I pinched them back after the first flush of blooms but they have yet to rebloom. However, I do see that they have tiny buds. I would really like to have some for next year and I am new to rooting, any advice on the best way to root these beauties.

janie said...

Cat's whiskers root very easily. Just take some semi-ripe cuttings, trim to about 1/4" under a node, and remove all but the top leaves. Dip in some rooting hormone powder, and tap off the excess. Poke a hole in rooting medium of your choice, and insert your cutting, then pull the medium up around the cutting, nice and snug. Water to remove air around the cutting and set it in the shade. Don't let it dry out.

They root pretty quickly.

Good luck!