Thursday, July 16, 2009

Better run through the jungle....

While in Wimberly, we shopped. Of course...with my sisters, Aunt, cousin, and SIL, who are ALL Shoppers of the First Magnitude......, that is always on the agenda! They hold "Show and Tell" at the end of each shopping day, and they are very proficient at shopping for anything and everything!

I am not one to just shop; I need a reason, or a desire to own something, and many categories of "shopping stuff" just are not interesting to me. Instead, I wander around while they are shopping. I love to watch people; people are most interesting.
Every once in a while, I find something so unexpected that I am just tickled, and I want to record it. So it is with what I am calling "the jungle of Wimberly, Texas".

I just kind of walked up on these critters. I found them by accident, for I sure wasn't expecting this! I was so surprised......What fun!

The Battle of the Big Cats

Sabre-toothed Tiger
It is not a large space. Maybe 30' x 50', and tucked in behind the street front buildings. I am surprised I found it.

Would these be crocodiles or alligators?

These prehistoric fantastic animals are made of wood and metal. I asked about who made them, and was told that a rather elderly gentleman makes them, but that these are probably the last he will make, as he is now ill. What a shame.

When you look at these animals, (at least it applies to me), you can see movement in them. They are just amazing, and so fun to look at.

Famous Texas Jackalopes
Our Texas State flag provides the background for the giraffe and the mastodon. Who would think of the two of them together in the same setting?
These last two pictures include a trellis of rough wood, bark on, that provides support for a
Lady Banks rose. I do love this trellis. The rose is appropriate for this setting, as it is a
thornless rose. It is a shame that it blooms only in early spring.

Click on any picture to enlarge.


GartenGrl at Cool Garden Things said...

Wow...people come up with the darndest things!
GartenGrl at
Planning Plants to Plant

OhioMom said...

I hope his art is protected and put into a local historical society/museum .. what a delightful imagination this gentleman has.

ancient one said...

I love this kind of thing.. I've been telling my husband I know he can make some kind of animal with all those used lawn mower blades... but so far nothing...

MissyM said...

What interesting art. I like that kind of thing too.

LeSan said...

I really do love his art. What a delightful imagination he has. I did enlarge the pictures to get a better look and it make me squeal with joy. Their little faces are so wonderful. Ok, if I use sixteen exclamation points is that too many? What amazing and joyful life in his work. Janie thank you dearly for showing me this. :-)