Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm here.......

.....and I have not been having too good a time to post. It just seemed like I couldn't get here from where I was.

When we went to Marshall back when it was cool, we saw a lot of interesting things on the way up and and on the way back.

Going up, we traveled Highway 59, which goes from the southern most parts of Texas all the way North to Texarkana, and from there I know not where it goes, but I am sure it does go on....

We stopped at "Ralph and Kacoos" resturant in Lufkin, Texas. It is a really nice place, and if you get the chance, I would urge you to try it! I want to go back!

(Check it out..

Anyway, we somehow missed our Hwy 59 when we left there and traveled on Hwy 69 for many miles before we realized it! We wound up at Hearn, Texas and cut across the countryside to get back to our origional route. On this roundabout route, we saw a lot of stuff that we were meant to see, I do believe.

BWI, wholesale supplier of garden supplies has a big operation there, and the country is covered with greenhouses! We drove for miles looking at greenhouses on either side of the road! This excited and interested us, I guarantee that!

When we approached Tatum, Texas, (which sets in the intersection of 4 Texas counties) we whizzed by this:
We were so excited we had to turn around to get a better look! It was absolutely amazing, and a little bitty man was running the whole thing!
It was just off the side of the road. We stayed and watched it work for the longest time. It amazes me at the things that amuse us.

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