Saturday, July 11, 2009

Here then there...

Texas Hill Country, from the deck...
I spent so much time on the road this spring, but it was so much fun!
After the trip to Marshall, my sisters, Aunt, and cousin took our annual "girls get-away'. This year it was Wimberly, Texas. I want to go back to Wimberly!

We rented a house that sits on top of a hill, on 12 acres, so it is pretty much away from it all.
The house was beautiful, fully furnished, and easy to find. It came equipped with everything from a blender to a hot tub! We loved it!

Wimberly in in the Texas Hill Country, and it is quite rugged, by our standards. Lots of rocks, (and our landowners gave us permission to bring some home with us, so I did), lots of cedar trees. Lots of hills. Lots of wildlife. Not so many people
I was amazed, astonished by the native plants! So many of the plants we buy in the nurseries today grow wild in the Texas Hill country, and that is where Dr. Jerry Parsons, Greg Grant, and so many others started the work on putting them on the market. AND we are thankful that they did! This is where many of our Texas SuperStars came from!
I saw esperanza, hairy wedelia, salvia- so many salvias- agave, rock rose, agarita, Texas sage; ALL growing wild! My sisters were starting to worry about me, because I was just delirious- thrilled no end!

This the front of the house. Landscaping is easy in the Hill Country...
This blue agave was growing by the front entrance. The landowners let us dig pups from this plant. It was more than 6 feet tall, and very beautiful

We had visitors. I was on the phone on Friday evening, when Cousin started hollering about the 'varmit' -lemming was the only name she could think of, and we knew lemmings don't live here. We couldn't see it at first, and it was just standing there, looking at us.
A Grey Fox. He was very pretty, and very savvy. He stood there for the longest time, then finally went back and laid on a big rock about 50' away.
I finally figured out that people feed
him from this deck, so I got some ham slices
from the fridge and threw them down.
He was there like a shot to get them .
The first he ate immediately, the second
he took somewhere. He came back a little later for the third.
This last picture says it all about wildlife here. The stockade is not to keep livestock in. This is the landowner's vegetable garden!


OhioMom said...

What a nice place to have a getaway, that Agave is awesome!

Jim-The Gaudy Garden said...

what a wonderful adventure. Loved the Agave.