Friday, July 3, 2009

Capitalism at it's best!

On our way home from Marshall, we found a marvelous example of the capitalistic spirit that built our country. Birdhouse Sellers!

On the side of the road was a place where they had birdhouses on tables out by the road. Each birdhouse was priced, and we were directed to put the money for payment into a box attached to the fence.
The sellers had faith that you would not run off with the birdhouses, I think or maybe they knew what we all know. A sign asked that we not steal the birdhouses, and warned that "Jesus is watching!" Don't I know it!
Security was taken care of by these most capable fellas. Both did their jobs well, woofing for awhile, then retreating to the shade to watch us silently.
Sonja did buy a nice big birdhouse, and it was only $20.00. Having been on the building end of many birdhouses, I thought that was a very good price.


OhioMom said...

How cool is that? I love finding locally made items .. kudos!

ancient one said...

Some of the vegie farmers have the honor system around here... never saw it with birdhouses though... did you have to pass the dogs to get to the birdhouses?

janie said...

Ha! We would never have gotten to the birdhouses if we had to pass those dogs!

No, the birdhouses were on tables and under a little shed out by the road, right there on the side of Highway 59. We had to stop and back up on that busy highway so we could pull into the driveway. Those dogs were behind the fence. I think they were the alarm system!