Saturday, October 10, 2009

About 'Blotanical'

Wow! When I said I had joined ‘Blotanical’, I didn’t realize that I had entered a whole different world!

There is so much to learn! I am amazed by the blogs, the photography, the knowledgeable gardeners, and most of all, by the friendly welcomes I have received.

On September 29th, I said on my blog, “Also, I have joined 'Blotanical', but I am reading the FACS before I rush in and make a supreme fool of myself. I have had several nice comments from people who saw I had joined, and I appreciate them very much.”

To those who are not familiar with 'Blotanical', I am not sure how to describe it. Let me put it this way; I have found dozens and dozens of interesting and informative blogs that are aimed at sharing a love of gardening, and reaching out to other gardeners. It is amazing!

For those who reached out to welcome me, I have been searching out each of you to say 'thank you'. If I have not found you yet, I am still working on it.

I have found several blogs that I would like to name a favorite, and I am hoping to figure out how to do that soon. I have a little note pad by my keyboard that is filling up with notes about places and subjects and it is filling up fast!

I am not a teacher by profession, but I love to share what knowledge I have accumulated over the years. In that effort, I am always looking for more knowledge, trying to learn more, in order to share more! I think I have struck gold in joining Blotanical! There is so much to learn here!

For some who may come by to visit my blog who don’t know about Blotanical, click for a glimpse of what it is all about! Better yet, come join us; You will love it, too!


NellJean said...

What you are looking for is 'My Plot' -- yours, not mine. Look at the tabs at the top of the opening page at Blotanical to find the tab. Once there in Your Plot, scroll down to find Messages. You can comment back to each message, for a start.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

As long as we are willing to share, we are learners and teachers... Its true about Blotanical, a big house full of nice people who happen to enjoy gardening, plants and nature. ~bangchik

Sue said...

Hi Janie,
While you're at your plot, explore the other things there. Also, when you are looking around at blogs, or visiting others' plots, there are little tabs you can click on to fave them or their blog. If you fave the blog, it will show up in the "picks" section so you can see what those people have posted most recently.

Have fun, and welcome to blotanical!

FlowerLady said...

I am also a newbie to Blotanical, and look forward to visiting every day. It is a tad intimidating at first, so just take things slowly and before you know it you'll be able to zip your way around. I'm still learning but am getting a little faster and enjoying the adventure.


Scott & Liz said...

Hey Janie, the trick with Blotanical is to just have a little fun. I worried about making Faves at first but found it's easy to get more points to get more Faves. Welcome aboard.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janie~~

You had me at "Plant Collector," "Obessive/Compulsive" is the icing on the cake.

Welcome to Blotanical and the world of blogging. It's fun but terribly addicting.

And rest assurred, stumbling around is part of the learning process. I remember having to ask a fellow blotanist how to find the "Picks." I still laugh about that!


persephone said...

Oh my gosh, joining Blotanical was ridiculous amazing! SO many people who actually were interested in what I was writing about... People who care to listen to me, whee!

Haha, do you know anything about kohleria? I just find the name of your blog interesting because while I am not an ocd plant collector I like to propagate things and I have WAY to much of this stuff. While it's beautiful my little house can't handle the mighty growing powers of kohleria and I was wondering if you were familiar with it as a Master Gardener?