Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dixie and the sticky trap.....

Everybody knows we have a boxer dog. Her name is Dixie. We are crazy about Dixie, and sometimes crazy because of Dixie.....

Dixie is a very unique animal. We got her as a kind of rescue; her owner's husband didn't like her and was going to do something really mean to her, so we took her. She had lived in a pen with a 6'wooden fence around it for at least 2 years. Nobody to talk to, nobody to play with. She was kind of neurotic.

Nobody was even home when I went and picked her up. I just walked in and put a leash on her and walked her to my truck. She sat on the seat so quiet, watching all the scenes passing by as we drove the 30+ miles home. When we got home, she wouldn't come in the house, she was afraid. But our dogs always live in the house so Bobby picked her up and set her up on the bed with him. He petted her and talked to her, and she had really acclimated herself to sleeping on my side of the bed by the time he quit talking. The dog had figured it out! These people were pushovers!

And we are.

Life with Dixie is......different. I am not sure if it is just the breed, as Bobby says that 'Boxers are like that', or if it has to do with her unfortunate life, but she is a challenge. She is ALWAYS into something, so life with Dixie is never boring!

One day, while I was at my desk paying bills, a mouse came out to check that I was doing it right. After all the EEEKKKing and squealing, I realized that my Darling didn't take it as serious as I did. So, I went and purchased one of those sticky board traps for mice, the ones that smell like peanut butter.

For those who are upset now about the poor mouse, let me assure you that no mouse was harmed, or even trapped.

I was careful about setting this thing out. I chose a space where the mouse had been, up high, where nothing was there to interfere with it, and where I would not set my coffee cup on it.

Dixie must have watched me put it there, because as I was cooking supper, that Dixie stealth-ed up on my chair, on to the desk, and snatched that sticky trap! She took off with it, straight to where Bobby was watching TV in the bedroom! How she managed to carry it without getting it stuck to all her parts is beyond me, but she did. Did I mention that Dixie loves peanut butter?

So, she snuggled up on the bed with her prize, having her back to Bobby, of course. She must have known instinctively that the sticky part was bad news for boxer dogs, so she flipped it over. On the sheet. About that time, Bob realized she had something and started an investigation, so she stepped on it.

So, now it is stuck to the sheet. Old Bob is in a panic, she has done this right under his nose, so he roars into the kitchen, and starts to beller about did I have a sticky thing that Dixie could have gotten?.........Yeah, on the top shelf of my desk, I used to have one.

Why I had to pull it off the sheet, I have no idea. Part of my frugal nature, I suppose, that refuses to allow me to throw away a perfectly good sheet! I soon learned the folly of THAT!

I wound up with that sticky stuff on my hands. I am trying to finish cooking supper at the same time I am trying to get this stuff off my hands......Where is Bob? Watching TV in the bedroom, of course!

Just let me tell you, I learned that the damned sheet is not important, once it has sticky mouse trap stuff on it. It is never going to come out. I threw it away.

Also, I learned ice does help. Then use baby oil, cold cream, cooking oil, salt, soap, lemon juice, and when all that fails, get a butter knife and a piece of fresh ice. Harden the sticky stuff as much as it will harden with the ice, and scrape it off with the butter knife. Somebody told me that WD40 could take it off.....

Life's lessons are hard. Now I know how the mouse feels. He should stay out of my house.


Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Janie,
Dixie sounds like quite a character. I'm glad you rescued her. Heidi had other owners for a few months, and came to us with issues, too. At 6 years old, she still has some of them. She gets into the garbage, and has scratched several of our doors and my hoosier cabinet, trying to get to the food in them while we were gone. She is back to staying in her 4ish foot kennel while we are gone. She doesn't seem to mind it. On days we are home, she chooses to spend time in it.

She actually was mistreated by the previous owners. I guess she was buried as a punishment for digging. One of these days, I'm planning to do a post about her.

By the way, I prefer the regular mouse traps that kill the mouse fast. At least I think they do. I don't like the sticky ones because it takes longer for the mouse to die, and I think they suffer first.

NellJean said...

If you'd had a regular little spring mousetrap, it would have snapped, bounced away without harming her and scared her to death. Mouses are little, the trap executes them instantly.

janie said...

Thanks for your comment, Sue. Dixie will spend time in her crate even when we are at home and she doesn't have to be there. I think they adopt those spaces as their dens, as they are den animals after all.

Anyone who would mistreat an animal is not worth killing, as my Daddy used to say. Poor puppy.

I agree about the traps. My husband didn't think it was that big a deal, and I can't set those traps. My fingers can't do it. And I can't put out poison, because of the cat and the dog. I have not bought any more of them, and my husband did set the traps for me. He knew I was upset about that sheet!

I am looking forward to reading about Heidi.

Mary Delle said...

Loved your post about Dixie. What a character. So good you rescued her. The sticky mouse trap story is funny.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Enjoyed the whole story! Thank you Janie!

Wendy said...

oh my gosh! What a sweet troublemaker! She's got the cutest face. I'm glad you posted that great pic of Dixie! I'm leaving you an honest scrap award. No pressure though!! :)

azplantlady said...

What a precious dog! I just love dogs and we had three; my Golden Retriever, my husband's retired police dog and his current police dog.

I just love this story and you are wonderful for rescuing her!

James Missier said...

I enjoyed your story very much, you really have a compassion in rescuing Dixie.
Its a funny how Dixie manage to get the trap for bait & sorry to note about the sheets.
Rats are a common problem here too, I use the caged trap, safer and a lot less messier.

LeSan said...

Thank you so much for saving Dixie from that life and whatever horrible fate she might have met. It makes me insane to think of what people will do to animals. grrr!
I understand Boxers are quite a handful of personality but that the sweet rewards are more than worth the trouble.
She looks like a great dog. :-)

texasdaisey said...

LOL that is so funny. I know it wasn't at the time but it sure does lighten my day to know those kind of things don't just happen to me. Not that I would wish it on anyone. You tell it so well too. Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog. Now I know where you are and your blog is a delight! Blessings to you.

Jennifer Dauphinais said...

Lmao, I love dogs like that they are the best! I rescued American Bulldogs for ten years. I had one named Katie that I had to keep for almost a year for training before I could adopt her out. Four of those months I kept her tied to me in the house. I give you so much credit for taking in Dixie but ya have to admit they are crazy and funny as hell. You never know what's next. Thanks for showing me, I love it!