Sunday, November 8, 2009

I've been honored with the Honest Scrap Award again.....

Twice! I hope that vrtlarica at Moj Vert and Wendy at Greenish Thumb will both forgive my tardiness in attending to this. You have all read the Honest Scrap Awards. I love to read them. I learn something good about someone, every time they start telling things about themselves. Most really make me chuckle at how alike we all are. It is that little ornery streak in everybody that keeps us interesting. How interesting would we be if we were all puritanical and perfect?

The rules are;

1. Praise the Honest Scrap Award.
2. Name some others as winners of the Award.
3. Tell 10 true things about yourself.

O.K. so lets see if I know 10 honest things about me. I've done this before already; there may not be a whole lot left!

1. I love to buy shoes. No, I mean, I LOVE SHOES! I bet I have over 100 pair, stuck back in odd places, where they are not too obivious. I am always giving shoes away. I wear a size 71/2, so if you or anyone else needs shoes, please contact me. Also, I need counseling on this, so if you know the magic words to make me stop buying shoes, I would appreciate hearing them!

2. I have only been to Starbucks once, back in May, when we went to Conference in Marshall, Texas. The guy waiting on us talked a foreign language, I could not understand all that 'mocalattahalflite' whatever, so I just ordered a cup of regular coffee. Big mistake! I got some of the strongest, really nasty tasting coffee! I meant like Folgers, you know? REGULAR coffee!

3. My husband is really proud of me. Right now, he is proud of me for going to Weight Watchers. (I need to lose weight, I want to lose weight, it is just hard to ignore good food. Back to what I was thinking about...) A couple of weeks ago, I was shopping and dropped him off at the Eagles Lodge so he could visit with all those birds, and enjoy a Lite Beer from Miller while I shopped. When I came to pick him up, I made a little side trip to the powder room and some woman followed me. "I just wanted to tell you that I am so proud of you for going to Weight Watchers!" she said. I don't even know this woman. WHAT the hell has he TOLD all these people I am wondering! My friend Linda, who is whatever a girl Eagle is called, told me he is just proud of me, is all. LOLlol. He is such a sweetie.

4. I am having the greatest time watching my kids raise their children. I always have to stiffle a snicker, try to keep it from becoming a full blown GUFFAW, when they bemoan something their children have done. My daughter looked at me with such a look of suspicion the other day as I was trying to NOT giggle over her tale of the younger daughter showing such 'dis-respect'. I remember it like it was yesterday, she doesn't have to tell me! Kids are always going to be kids.

5. I love office supplies, (much the same way that I love shoes...hummm.) I seldom shop that I don't bring home some pens, or notebooks, folders, hanging files, reams of paper, reams of colored paper, calendars, a new stapler, hole puncher, rulers, scissors.......I just LOVE OFFICE SUPPLIES! I could spend hours in an office supply store! Some of my best friends are clerks in office supply stores!

6. I was out of high school for 17 years before I went to college. It was a good thing I waited. By the time I went, my mind was made up about just about everything. I was primed to learn.

7. I have never suffered a broken bone- yet. Not saying it couldn't happen, and for that I pray for protection, but hasn't happened yet. Also, I have never had the mumps, nor chickenpox. Knocking on wood, here,

8. I have been privileged to live all over the world. Daddy was a soldier, and we got to go with him. It was a great life for us, but I was always the 'outsider'. I still am, having lived here only 11 years, but it is o.k. I have learned that sometimes, it is advantageous to be an outsider. Nobody asks you to take sides, if you are an outsider. LOL

9. I have a greenhouse, and I love to putter around in there. We built it of windows from an old church school. It has no heater, but it does have an exhaust fan and a chandelier. I had another, a hoop house, but we took it down and gave it to my friend Pat, so she can putter around too. Click on Pat, to see a picture of her explaining to us just how she injured her knee doing the YYYY-Mc-AAA dance!

10. I don't think I have a favorite plant, but I am very drawn to cacti, succulents, desert plants, and native plants. I have a big blue agave that has the most beautiful markings. I am not sure it is normal to be so enthralled with markings on the agave plant, as most people (I have noticed) don't pay the slightest bit of attention to them. Why do they have such a profound effect on me?

The last thing I am supposed to do is name people to write their own truths. I would like to invite some of our new Blotanist to join in here, and tell us about yourselves. We would love to hear from you and about you.

This a pretty friendly group of folks. Don't be a-scared, as my grandson used to say.


tina said...

Hi Janie, Well you and I have some things in common. Starbucks for one. Hate it! Too strong and bitter on the coffee-no thanks. But I do go there once a week to get coffee ground for my garden. I think the garden does not mind bitter coffee at all:) You know they say a parent's revenge on their children is grandchildren. As your daughter and you well know. Too funny but that is life. Congrats on your award. It is interesting to hear about people.

NellJean said...

I've given up collecting shoes, and Buffy ate some of my favs.

It makes a lot of difference when a girl goes to school on her own hard earned money than when she goes on 'Daddy's Money.' Those of us who went back when we were near forty had different goals in mind.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Funny about Starbucks, I'm in the Seattle area so we have to drink it here :) My 11 year old likes decaf lattes! I'm a big shoe lover too, if I could spend my money on one thing not garden related it would be shoes.

James Missier said...

Hi Janie, Enjoyed reading about your shoe collection, agave & coffee experience. Its just wonderful to note all these little things makes life to the fullest.
Thanks for sharing them in Scrap Award.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Janie for sharing this! I enjoyed reading it very much.

azplantlady said...

Wow! You are a very interesting person! I love #10 the best. Agave are my favorite succulents too. I am going to do a post with lots of close-up photos of the markings on their leaves. I think they are beautiful too!

Rosey Pollen said...

I love shoes too. And my daughter inherited this love of shoes as well.,
Good job for working on keeping yourself healthy. It is hard for me to not overeat. I bake and thus I get pretty chubby if I don't get outside and move it. (my arse)

Elephant's Eye said...

#10 - not normal? 'tis a gift to be observant. Let the normals go their sad, uninspired way ...

Mary Delle said...

Janie, I loved all ten of the things you shared. I, too, love office supplies, but don't have the space for more. So I have to not go to the store. Ugh! # 10 is quite normal. I love the markings on the most obscure plants. I also love succulents, natives, etc. as much as you do.

LeSan said...

Um Janie, did you know that shoes cause broken bones, spread chiken pox and measles as well as add a pound a day to your rear end? Yeah, I was just wondering if you knew that. I have known women who quit smoking and shoe shopping at the same time and didn't gain an ounce. Oh, and Sophia Loren really made going barefoot incredibly sexy. Oh and I wear a 7 1/2. Just saying.

Anonymous said...
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