Monday, February 11, 2008

Ah! Progress!

This is where we started yesterday. We had the flagstone delivered last week, and it didn't get removed by anyone wanting a free flagstone patio. I was surprised, really. I have little faith, sometimes.

Anyway, we got all this done in 3 hours, with 7 people working. Maybe it is better that way, not so many people to get in your way. We were walking over each other as it was. LOL
The fence posts are cemented in the holes, and we need to top the holes with soil now. Next week, we will put the fence boards on and top off our arbors at each entrance. The short fence posts will be cut to 30", the arbors will be 7', maybe a little taller.

The flagstone is not finished, only laid out. We will level it next week, and do the work between stones. Some will be filled in with crushed limestone, some with soil and small steppable plants. It is a good look, and everyone is always tickled to see how it grows, even though it is abused.

The rose in this picture is an old Queen Elizabeth. She was about 7' tall until a month ago. We gave her a good cut and she has taken off, and is now blooming beautifully, with lots of pretty foliage. I love it when a plan comes together.

The gap in the pathway is allowance for our dry streem bed, to carry water from the downspouts to the rain garden retention area. We are going to have a wooden bridge there; not an arching bridge, but a flat one, just high enough to clear our rocks in the stream.
The extra flagstones will be used to fill in the pathway, and we will use it under the bench, along with some crushed limestone. Nothing will go to waste here.

This garden is 67' long. You don't realize it until you look at it from this angle. I just can't wait to get it planted! If you notice, there are some wide, plain spaces between the windows. We will be building rough cedar trellis' to be installed in those spaces, to fill that in. We are going to grow a pretty little clematis that is native to this area on one. I know it is native to this area, because it grows wildly in my yard! It has pretty little purple bell blooms.

This was taken from the street side. The tall posts on this end will be cut to a 4' fence. We wanted to separate the Native Plant/Rain Garden from the rest of the landscaping, so this taller fence will do nicely.
We are excited!


Jean said...

What a project! Now I have to get out and start planning for using up the rest of my rough cedar posts.

I would never cut the top off a post unless to make it even with another tall post -- I love tall posts, no matter how straggly they look.

Oh, the stones! You can never have too much stone.

ancient one said...

That looks wonderful... thanks for keeping us up on this garden. I can't wait to see the complete rain garden.