Sunday, February 3, 2008


How 'bout them GIANTS?!

I don't follow football anymore, was not the least bit interested in this game. My team, when I do pay attention is th' Bears. I don't know why, I just like th' Bears.

Anyway, this game was great! All I heard all week was the Pats were going to win, the Giants didn't have a chance. I tuned in every once in awhile to see the commercials, and finally stayed around when Manning was trying to connect with that last TD.

You have to feel bad for the Pats, but I know those Giants deserve the win!

We worked on the Native Plant Garden/Rain Garden this afternoon. Got the flagstone delivered and sort of separated/laid out for the pathway and bench area. We have this wonderful bench to replicate somewhat- this picture was taken at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin. The 4-H girls who went with us wanted a bench like this, and we had the perfect carpenter to build it. He was a trustee with the County, and a very talented woodworker. He is no longer with the County, however, and we are looking for a person who will 'volunteer' to build this bench for us.

We are only going to have flagstone under it like this one has whatever that material is.....I think it is decomposed granite, but I am not for sure. That is where the decomposed granite comes from to here, so it would make sense.........

This coming week, I am going to get 2 Trustees to come dig fence post holes for us, so we can put our fence up. It is only going to be 30" high. Not tall enough to corral anything, but just a deliniation of where the garden stops. I just cannot wait until we start to plant in this garden. People think we are going to have a pond, but we are going to plant that low area just like any flower garden. I have seen rain gardens with lilies growing in them, and they were just beautiful.

The Trustees are a big help to us. Most are guys who are in for child support or DUI. No violent stuff. They have always been very nice, very willing to do whatever we ask of them, and very polite. We always send off for cokes for them, or milk shakes. The guys who come to work with us would rather be outside in the flowerbeds than stuck in that jail.

I went and had a bunch of tests done last Thursday. Tests for blockage in my arteries, for osteporosis, diabetis, and blood work for all kinds of things. One thing that I was very happy about was my cholesterol is down by 30 points! It was 207 the last time I had it done, about 6 months ago. I have since started to be more aware of what I am eating, and I am getting a lot of exercise. I go to Curves 3 days a week, and walk for 30 minutes a day for 3 days a week. My cholesterol is 177, and I was just thrilled. Now if I can get it down to my size 8 #, which was 117... LOL. Now I hope the rest of the tests turn out so good.

Size 8 was a long time ago. I need to get rid of those clothes. I don't think I will ever fit into them again. Heheehe.


ancient one said...


So glad your cholesterol test came out good! I brought mine down one time by just cutting out the cheese, but as soon as it was down, I told my doctor I was going to go eat a cheese biscuit. He told me I should never cut out all of anything, because it would just make me crave it more. The next time I tried to bring it back down, I couldn't do it, so I'm on Lipitor and eating whatever I want. (I'm bad !!) I'm glad you are able to stick to your diet and exercise routines.

I loved the bench. Can't wait to see the garden all planted and growing.

Rose said...

Having started a doctor supervised diet today, I don't even want to talk about weight, sizes and cholesterol. Blech.

I love the bench! Sometime I'll have to post a picture on my blog of the gate arbor the Rancher built for me. I have lots of plans to make more arbors around my yard...someday.

Jean said...

Love the rustic bench. I have some good uprights just waiting for assembly. I prefer an airier roof.

Size * was a long time ago. We are into another life now.

Cur has turned into a 'city dog' who must be walked. We discovered that his restlessness in the truck is diminished by his being taken for a long walk immediately before we depart for town. The days we walk, both he and I sleep better.