Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Goodness! I'm thinking Spring might be here soon....

The sun is shining. It is mildly warm, getting into 70's. A bit of hard rain on Saturday night, but dry since then.

Jean, over at 'Seed Scatterer', (see my list of places to go) identifies daffodils as her favorite bulbs. I think alliums are my favorites. Bobby helped me plant about 300 alliums on Sunday. They are going in a little late, but I took a chance on them for this year. They will come back next year, if they don't bloom this year. I got such a good deal on these, that I am willing to wait. These bulbs were given to me.

We planted roses, and more roses. 'Mango Blush', 'KnockOut', 'Peggy Martin's rose', 'Fourth of July'.

This is 'Peggy Martin rose'.

We planted lilies- 'StarGazer', 'Black Beauty', 'Commander-in-Chief'. and a crinum, "Mrs. James Hendry". We planted echinacea, purple coneflower, and daylilies.

This is Asiatic lily, "Commander-in-Chief"

We planted about 50 daylilies, of all description. I love daylilies.

We dug up roses, and potted them. Five called 'Caldwell Pink', (above), which is now found to be the old 'Pat's Pink'. This is a pretty rose, very tough, and great as a small hedge or partere rose. It will root anywhere the cane hits the ground. I only planted ONE of these roses, and this is not the first time I have dug them up. It reminds me of the old 'Seven Sisters', except that it bloom all the time, instead of just once a year.
Most of my roses are antique roses. In our climate, with all our heat and humidity, antiques are the only way to go. Also, if you are a lazy gardener like me, they are almost trouble/work free. I don't have to spray them, as they are resistant to disease, and they tolerate drought and flood equally, I think.

I am positively dizzy, thinking of all I can do if the weather holds. Easter is so early this year, it makes me fearful to do a lot of things, like cut everything back. I can't feed yet. I am going to content myself with planting things I can cover.

I have about a cajillion seedlings up! And my porterweed that reseeded last year is back. This is the blue porterweed, and I also have RED!

We weeded and raked, and pruned and dug. It was work, but a real labor of love. I love Spring!


LBP said...

Hello! I just stumbled onto your blog and it is wonderful! I am a gardenoholic as well! I really loved the pic of the allium. I planted several of those inculding the Giant last fall. No sign of them up yet, but it's too early here anyway!

Happy Gardening!


janie said...

Thanks, Linda.

I have to be careful which ones I plant, as they will not all do well here. Only one giant will prosper, but almost all the small ones will be happy. I bet they will all grow in Virginia.

The same with clematis. We cannot grow the large flowers here, but the small flowers grow in a rush. I think that is strange.

Some things I just have to accept.

Liz said...

Janie, I went to Ohiomoms blog to check out her snow pics and found your blog! I love your garden pics especially when I am looking out the window at white, white, white stuff! My poor eyes really needed the sights offered here. Thanks Janie!
And I still have your Rat Tail Cactus plant..that is now several plants, in several different homes! My Night Blooming Cactus still only bloomed the once though. Maybe next year!