Saturday, February 9, 2008

Is Spring Sprung?

I bought the first flowers of the year today!

We went to WalMart to purchase drugs for puny bossman, and they had plants!

Lovely petunias- 2 flats, one white, one pink
BEEuteful begonias- 2 flats, one bronze leaf, pink flower, one green leaf, red flower
Perky marigolds- 2 6packs, orange and yellow

They had pansies, violas, lots of different colors of petunias, cyclamen, geraniums (very dear!), and a few other things I can't remember. The ones I bought are what I always buy this time of year. They will stand a frost if it isn't too cold for too long.

I will start planting pots tomorrow. Well, maybe on Monday, we are working on the Native Plant Garden tomorrow afternoon.

Oh, yes, we are having a warm spell right now. It has been in the 70's for the past week. Today, it was 78 degrees. Perfect!


Jean said...

There's always a false spring in February and then the cold comes back. Remember when you had snow?

When the dogwoods are in full flower and then the pecan trees leaf out, it will be spring. You cannot fool a pecan tree. After they have little leaves, not blooms, we can put out tender tropicals.

I went out and divided and moved some spiderwort so I could pretend it was time to divide perennials. The big clump of spiderwort filled up six new holes; could have divided most of the clumps yet again.

ancient one said...

My dad used to say it was time to plant the corn when the dogwoods bloomed. And I know for a fact that my sinus problems get better after the pecan trees leaf out.

Jean is really smart!