Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oh, the pretty flowers.......

I mentioned this rose in another post.

It is Queen Elizabeth, and she is growing at the Service Building, across the sidewalk from where our Rain Garden is going in.

She is a pleasure to see. Just BEEutiful!

In my yard, I have this plant that I just dig and dig and dig and cannot eradicate. It is called primrose jasmine, and I have one large one left that we are going to have to remove before we can put in our new porch. I noticed yesterday that it is starting to bloom. It has these little yellow blossoms, and before I know it, the whole bush will be yellow! It is gorgeous in bloom, but it only blooms once a year, and is so aggressive and such a space-hog that I can't leave it in my yard.
The first harbinger of spring for me is this; I am thinking it is flowering quince, but it never has grown. It is about 8 or 9 years old, and it isn't any taller than 3 feet. When it blooms, it is gorgeous, but it too only blooms in early spring. This one, I can forgive.


Jean said...

Primrose jasmine is not what I thought it was.
Your quince looks like my quince, except that mine is taller than me and has a nandina in the middle of it and catbrier over the top. Periodically the whole thing has to be cut to the ground so the quince can start over. Maybe yours wants cutting back.

Cindi said...

I think the red flower is a flowering quince. I love the color this time of year. Winter is good but I like when all the plants start to bust blooms on these cool days before Spring!

OhioMom said...

Ahhhhh .... the blooms are so pretty, I would take a primrose jasmine right about now.

13 degrees right now here in the northeast :)

Jean said...

I forgot to talk about Queen Elizabeth. She's been around a long time, the rose as well as the monarch.
I have one that's more than 40 years old, just never quite goes away. A new cutting about 4 years old is as tall as me, now. When she blooms, I'll cut the blossoms and head her back.

My opinion is that grandifloras and floribundas are just heartier than hybrid teas. If they don't quite produce 'florist's blooms' they're still spectacular for garden use.

Rose said...

Queen Elizabeth is stunning!

ancient one said...

I can't even imagine roses blooming this early. But for Texas I guess its not too early.

Does that red flower that everyone is saying is quince have thorns?

If so, we had one at the end of our old house when I was a child. It was one of the first things that bloomed.

Now, I'm wondering if Primrose jasmine might be what is growing all up in my azealas.

Cold rainy day here today!