Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!"...

.....said the Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. And that is how I feel sometimes.

Let's see....
We did go to Gonzales, and we did meet Jolana! It was as though we had been together all our lives, even the three 'strangers' that I took with me. Jolana said she never felt that any of them were strangers; I love it when the chemistry works!
This is us; "The Girls". We have so much fun, and get into more 'stuff'', always looking to have a good time. It was very hot that day, and my hair is plastered to my head. Cute, huh?
I think Jolana is one of those people who always look pretty. She is pretty on the inside, and it just shines through. THIS is Jolana and Peggy. It turns out that Jolana's husband is Peggy's cousin, although they didn't know it before they met, and Jolana's married surname is the same as Peggy's maiden name. That is the reason Peggy was so interested in going to meet Jolana.

We had a great time. Lunch with Debbie and Jerry at the "Mr. Taco" Mexican restaurant, , purchasing plants, and more plants. We all left there loaded down, very satisfied with our day, and thinking of ways we could meet again in the future.


Dirt Princess said...

Hey Janie here is a link to my hibiscus

They are the "old fashion" kind! I got them from my grandmother. They come back every year bigger and better for me. I am starting a seed swap. We would love to have you participate! If you are interested just leave a comment on my latest post! Thanks!

Jim-The Gaudy Garden said...

What a wonderful time you must have had. Hope you get to do this again.

LeSan said...

Internet people are real people? LOL
Looks like you must have had a wonderful time! You guys must have been a riot. :-)