Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hoe, hoe, hoe!

I got this new hoe. It is called a 'scuffle hoe', I think. Or maybe it is a 'stirrup' hoe. Whatever, it is wonderful!

It is just great for those little weeds that grow in patches and have shallow roots, like dollar weed. I hate that stuff. I scuffled a whole big flowerbed this afternoon with it, and it took about 10 minutes. I would have been on my hands and knees for hours before.

Also, I got a new shovel. It is a short handled shovel, just perfect for me. It came in handy for moving the red 'Sevilliana' rose that I have been threatening to move for 3 years. It was growning under a pecan tree, and just did not get enough sun to be pretty
She really does look like this picture, and she does it all year long. She will have about 3 weeks in winter (like now), when she won't be blooming, but the rest of the year, she will be in full swing. This is a marvelous rose, and a shame that more people don't know about it.
My friend Janet has 'Sevilliana' growing just like this picture, in front of a wood fence. It is gorgeous.
This rose is very easily rooted, too.
I got my rose moved, and a rock rose (Pavonia) moved as well. AND about 15 of those PITBackside primrose jasmine bushes dug out and thrown away! I have one that is about 15' square! It only blooms once a year, and I don't have enough room to be wasting it on something that takes up so much room and gives up so little beauty.
Around here, it better bloom. If it doesn't bloom, it better have beautiful foliage.
I planted some bulbs, lilies, and some seeds. Mustard for the kitchen, lettuce to replenish what we are using at a record rate, radishes because I love them, and a few carrots. I plant carrots because I feel guilty if I don't. Carrots are healthy, and I should be growing them, or so it seems. I have a hard time growing them, as our soil is that old black gumbo clay. But still, I have to try. Silly, I know.
I threw out poppy seeds too. California poppies that I couldn't resist at WalMart. I know it is probably late, but that is o.k. They might bloom. I would bet on it.
The only thing about that scuffle hoe is that I sliced off parts of some of my caladiums that I put in last year. They are just as pretty and healthy as they can be. I am looking forward to seeing them again, come warm weather. Caladiums are something that I have learned cannot be rushed. I have tried planting them earlier in pots, but it makes no difference. They need it warm, NIGHT and DAY, for caladiums to be pretty. Like zinnia; they like it hot!


Rose said...

I looked up your Sevilliana rose and found that it is a Buck's rose - good to zone 4 and also that it's pink with a yellow center.

There is another - Sevillana that is the bright red that your picture shows - good in zones 5-9.

Very similar spellings but very different roses??? Can you comment on this please?

I am thrilled to know the name of another Buck's rose though. My roses MUST be hardy to zone 4 at least.

Carol said...

I have a scuffle hoe and I love it. It's perfect for taking care of little weeds in the vegetable garden.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens