Saturday, January 19, 2008

Something to look forward to.....

I have this pot. It is very large, about 30" across at the widest part. It is about 2' tall, and it is a strawberry pot with 8 thingies to plant in. (Click on the picture on the right for a much better look at it.)

It is very pretty in the heat of summer with portulaca in it, but I am trying to decide whether to put snapdragons (short ones) or use a mix of viola, snaps, calendulas, and dianthus. I need to hurry and decide, as I can plant these plants now, and they will be fine in the pot until about April.

I don't put strawberries in it because they don't last the whole year here. They get ugly, but they will come back when the time and conditions are right. In the meantime, I want something pretty, so I do flowers instead. Those strawberries can be ugly in the ground.


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Rose said...

I wouldn't plant strawberries in it simply because it would never be enough berries to eat. I'd probably do petunias. When they start getting leggy you can clip them back hard and they'll start renewing their leaves and blooms right a way.