Saturday, January 5, 2008

Seed Catalogs!

I am covered up with seed catalogs! I received 14 in the mail on Thursday! Lots of good reading material...

So, maybe it would seem strange that I would be touting another seed catalog. But I am.

This is a seed company for gourmet varieties, and the best part is that they offer 'sample' seed packets for only 35cents. I certainly can't use a whole packet of eggplant seeds, but I can use a 'sample' packet.

Plus they have varieties that you will not find anywhere else.

I printed out their little catalog, so I have it to peruse along with the big ones.



Rose said...

Catalogs are beginning to arrive here too. Now I just need to find some time to sit down and study them.

Jean said...

I look at the seed catalogs, but I really need to decide where all these seeds I SAVED are going.

For example, a new catalog came today. They have globe amaranth in pink, rose, purple and white. Great, what am I to do with these seeds I saved from the RED?

I'm dancing as fast as I can.

janie said...

I really prefer the red globe amaranth. They are pretty all mixed together.

possum said...

Hi! Ancient One told me I would probably like your blog - and she was right!
I tried to download the catalog, but I guess my dial-up is having a bad day... 10 minutes later the page was still blank and I gave up. Oh well. Like I need another catalog anyway! But the 35 cent sample packs sound perfect. I always have seed left over or loads of babies. sigh. I HATE throwing away baby plants. I don't even like weeding! God! I apologize to my yard when I mow it. Now how sick is that?
It is supposed to be winter here - it sure was last week! It got down to 17! Today was a T-shirt kind of day, 60s, maybe 70 again tomorrow. I can live with that.
If you check out my blog, please don't laugh at my "greenhouse!" Its sole purpose is to keep the geraniums over the winter and each year i keep a tomato plant in there to have fresh tomatoes for Christmas. It is a silly tradition of mine. I used to keep one covered out in the yard, but one year we had a bad icestorm and the next year I had my tiny greenhouse! It used to be heated by the hotwater pipes under the cement. That had to be changed when the pipes sprung a leak. The new pipes are above ground and seriously insulated. SO, I have had to find a way to heat it when the temps go down into the teens.
Sorry, I am rambling on. I do that!
Have a wonderful 2008!

ancient one said...

The seed catalogs are coming here too!! I've never been satisfied with anything I've ordered from those catalogs. I prefer to choose plants from nurseries. Even some tulip bulbs I ordered disappointed me. You would think the first year they would all bloom, but some didn't.

Our weather is so spring like for the last 4 days.

janie said...

I order some seeds, but I do like Jean and save a LOT of seeds. I have had gallons of hyacinth bean vine seeds before. I sent them all over the country, and still had seeds left over.

I am sorting and dividing, and plottin' and plannin' about what to do with all my seeds.

Sometimes, I just wish I could put them all in a trash can and start all over. Not a chance. LOL