Friday, January 4, 2008

Hooray! the camera is working...

You notice I didn't say 'fixed'? It might be a temporary thing.....
I missed a few flowers when I made my list, but I got most of them.
These were all blooming on New Year's Day.

Everything looks terrible now, after 2 nights of freezing temps. Some things will rebound, and put on new foliage and bloom again, but most will take a nice little nap now. Some things did not freeze at all, and are out there blooming now. This is one of them.

This is yellow cestrum. It gets quite tall, about 7-8', and puts on these blooms at the end of the branch. It did not freeze at all last year, and I am watching to see what it does this year.
This is asclepsis, Butterfly weed. The red is called "Silky Red", I don't know the variety of the yellow one. Butterfly weed is a good name. The orange, which we have also, is native. This is the host plant for the Monarch butterfly.

We found this little guy out in the front, and carefully protected him from freezing.

This is one of my favorites. It is called 'angelonia', and the cold won't hurt the plant, but makes the flowers look ugly. Then, with a little mild weather, it will start to bloom again.

This one, (below) is called 'flame acanthus', I think. It may be a red trumpet, but I will research that with my friend Jerry, as that is where I got it. In the meantine, isn't it purty?

THIS beauty is called Turk's Cap, or Christmas Bells. It will bloom nicely until the end of spring, or until hot weather gets here.

One charming attribute of most of these flowers is that they are all so easy to propagate. This is one that will grow about anywhere. Just stick it in the ground- It will grow!

This one is breath taking, it is so beautiful! I am really taken with blue flowers anyway, and this one is BLUE! The picture looks lavender, but it is really blue! It is called a Blue Sky Vine, and is pretty aggressive, but I don't care. It could cover up my house, that would be o.k.

I love that it blooms so late. January 1 is pretty late!

I have several more. I will put them in my next post.


Rose said...

What I love most about meeting other gardeners online is being able to see so many plants that I can't grow in my area. Love them!

Jean said...

I hope you have the camera handy when that monarch comes out of that little chrysalis.