Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Yup, that's me.

I went to town today, to purchase a new regulator and some new hose for my Darling's cutting torch.

I stopped at the Dollar Store, and they had some kind of neat garden stuff. Gloves, Cotton, better for keeping my hands warm than my leather gloves. I purchased 2 pair. A Tip basket...a large square 'basket' made of plastic, although it is not woven, and is only plastic, with plastic handles of the same material. It is good tho, about 24" square, and 18" deep. Just the right size to be able to handle when it is full of weeds and clippings. I purchased 3 of them. Seeds, seeds, more seeds. Daffodil bulbs- I passed on the bulbs, and bought some poppy seeds, like I had good sense, and like I needed them.

A big box of water soluble fertilizer, for when it is time to feed my poor starving plants. I will dump one of the big packets that is inside the box into one of the rain barrels. It rained all last night, all the barrels are full. Then the whole barrel will be ready to use. I keep SEVERAL rain barrels around here. I bought 2 big boxes....never can have too much plant food......

They had knee pads, but I have never been fond of knee pads. What I did like was the nice kneeling pads. I purchased 3 of them. I can never find one when I need it. I ran across 3 in the back yard this afternoon when I was putting my stuff away.

Then I went on to Hobby Lobby. Lots of gardening stuff there. Nothing on sale tho, except some children's books and some knitting yarn. I bought 5 of the yarn, and a copy of 'Alice in Wonderland'. When I was looking at them, I realized that I have never read it; so I purchased a copy for me to read. How can one be a well rounded person, if she has never read the Classics?

THEN......of course, you knew it! I couldn't help it, I had to stop at the very last nursery on my way out of town. I purchased 2 very nice 6-packs of violas. Very healthy, blooming like crazy. Dear, as well.

A Good Thing that 'town' is 35 miles one way. I don't go very often lately.


Rose said...

I love those sort of days when everything looks like the perfect purchase and there is enough cash on hand to splurge.

I used to buy the kneeling pads but have since gone to using carpet scraps. That way I have enough room to actually sit down if my knees start getting sore. It's too thick for the moisture and sticks to come through too.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Girl if you live 35 miles from town you deserve a good shop while there. Especially if you are doing your Dearest's shopping chores. ;)

janie said...

I never thought of using carpet! What a good idea!

I have been known to use bags that mulch came in or the slick dog food bags. With three big dogs, I always have a lot of them. Thanks for the tip.

Lisa, I always do the Dearest's shopping. He hates to shop, unless it is a room full of tools or a garage sale. Then you can't drag him out of there.